Monday, January 16, 2012


In the past couple of weeks I have been called out by a number the readers on the topic of my weekly blog postings. Their main concern was that my reporting on the presidential primary season has been conspicuously absent. The only response I have is “Guilty as Charged”.  And with that said I would like to explain my logic. The subjects that I have been concentrating on are the happenings within the Obama Administration and the destruction they are serving up on a daily basis.

I have discussed Obamacare, jobs, ACORN and many others. This has been a well-planned out strategy to address the issues that are facing this country and meet them head on.  We can talk about the presidential primary season at length if needed but we already know that we want Obama out of the White House. Anything that I can say about the primary process pales on comparison to the information that Americans need to know about the subjects that they will not read in the main stream media.

I am doing what I feel is necessary to dethrone Obama from his imperial Presidency in any way that I can.  You could say that I am a one man army capable of anything, but this is not the case.  I am counting on all the people to fight the cause as hard as I am. During the Bush presidency the press did not have any trouble blasting him at every corner no matter what he did good, bad, or indifferent.  The liberal press is not following the same logic when it comes to Obama and his band of merry men and women.  They have ignored his American killing policies at every turn.  They have turned him into a hero of the people which is the farthest from the truth that you can get.

His latest antics have caused many of us anguish and concern with his usurping of Congress and the Constitution. He has named four more of his radical friends to positions in the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and the NLRB all in the name of expediency, total control and politics to further his “I can do anything I want and who’s going to stop me” campaign. But in the name of fairness I have to give him credit for his asking Congress to consolidate six agencies into one, eliminate the Department of Commerce and save us $300 Billion over 10 years.  This equates to savings of about 1/400 of the $1.2 trillion increase in the debt limit that the president is seeking from Congress.  This is perfect timing as it gives him another blank check to spend until after the November election. And by the way the 1000 to 2000 jobs that this consolidation will eliminate through attrition are small potatoes compared to the 200,000 plus jobs he has added since taking office.  It’s up to you to decide if this is an election ploy or he is doing this for the good of “We the People”.

This past week has seen him replace his Chief-of-Staff again (This is number 3).  He has picked none other than Jack Lew, another Wall Street insider who reaped millions in benefits from his past employers by betting against the collapse of the housing market.  If that weren’t enough to handle, he has promoted Cecilia Munoz as Director of the Domestic Policy Council.  She came to the White House in 2009 from The National Council for La Raza which has strong ties to ACORN, SEIU, and George Soros.  It is any wonder that this president has used “We need four more years to finish what we started” in his never ending campaign. 

I have done my best to keep people informed of the little things that the White House has done and kept below the radar by the liberal press.  Now it is your job to pass this information to others and do what is right for this country by electing a Republican as next President of the United States.  It is up to us to do the right thing and win this country back from those that are intent on destroying us.
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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Debbie Wasserman Shultz, Thank you for not Being a Republican

Recently we have seen an upturn in the number of members of the democrats that have taken to the cleaners by not only the conservative media but from people in their own party. This includes the main stream media and the left wing ideologues on the talk shows that have also been proved wrong in front of their audiences. Lawrence O’Donnell, Chris Mathews and Ed Shultz from MSNBC again proved that there rhetoric is not fooling anyone including John Sununu former Governor of New Hampshire on the night of the NH Primaries.  But I will have to say they did keep their cool when they continued to get horsewhipped on every subject they touched on.

But my all-time favorite person that has a history of bending the truth is none other than current DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Shultz. She has to be the epitome of what is wrong with the Democrat party on all levels.  She has time and time again tried valiantly to convince those among us that the direction that this country is heading is correct and the only way to go. In her recent attempt to justify Romney’s “Loses” in Iowa and New Hampshire she used almost the same talking points.  She said that “It was a bad night for Romney, A great night for Democrats” in Iowa and “He came out of this primary as a wounded candidate” in New Hampshire.  Even Mitt Romney felt sorry for her.  And it’s hard not to overlook that the incumbent president only got 86% of the vote in the democrat caucuses, and he ran unopposed.

She has continued to amaze us all as she continues to blame the Tea Party for the Tucson shootings and her continued support of the Occupy Wall Street movement which includes the stabbing of a police officer in NYC on January 2, 2012.  She had this to say about the Tea Party shortly thereafter “You had town hall meetings that (the Tea Party) tried to take over, and you saw the same type of conduct at those town hall meetings.  When they come in and disagree, you are not just wrong, you’re the enemy”.  There have been millions of people that have attended Tea Party rallies all over the country and there have been no arrests, unlike the OWS encampments that have had seen arrests in the thousands.

At other times she has said that the republicans have declared “a war on woman”, and taking our voting laws “literally back to Jim Crow”.  When asked by David Gregory of NBC after she claimed that President Obama was able to “turn the economy around” Gregory responded, "Whoa, whoa.  Let me just stop you there. Clearly, the economy has not been turned around.  You just saw those numbers.  Americans don't believe that's the case."  And again she blamed George Bush as everyone in their party still continues to do.  These comments along with many others have to keep you wondering why she is allowed to open her mouth let alone not be shown the door. 

All the while that she is traversing the country in support of this administration with her dime store rhetoric, she has left her constituents that have continually elected her since 2004 fending for themselves.  It is hard to imagine that she would ever get elected in the first place, no less four times.  It is at times like this that I am glad that she is not a republican.  If she would have done for the republicans what she has done for the democrats we would be a third world country.  Oh wait, this “IS” where we are headed.  

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