Saturday, July 28, 2012

California: Political Sinkhole of the West (Part 2)

Last week Gov. Jerry Brown traveled to two different cities for the ceremonial signing of the High-speed rail bill. The only thing missing from the event was the ditch that the train is heading for if this project ever gets off the ground. The hole that will be dug to accommodate the high-speed rail project better be big enough to bury the state. The "Project" if completed will travel from SF to LA and beyond. To say this project is a waste of money is a testimony to the democrat thinking that has continued to permeate the state when common sense has been in short supply and stupidity is at the top of the list.

No one knows what the final cost will be but when you include the costs of bonds at the current rate, it cost the state about $2.25 for every dollar borrowed. It is a wonder how the state has not gone bankrupt yet. With the gimmicks and games that are being played, the arbitrary budget that was just passed makes for interesting conversation that all bets are off as to when and not if California falls into the ocean. In the past month three California cities have filed for bankruptcy protection with many more lining up to fail as well.

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