Wednesday, May 30, 2012


As one month ends and another begins one can only wonder what kind of magic the Obama Administration will cook up with the release of the May 2012 unemployment results. Any sane person will look at these numbers with disdain and anger while the left will do their best to spin the results as a positive look at how the economy is "IMPROVING".  Using the word improving with any connection to this administration is a tough undertaking but it must be said. They have lived in a fantasy world for the last 41 months and new data suggests that the remainder of this presidency (7 months) will be more of the same.  

A closer analysis of April's job numbers is not very encouraging as there were 1,388 mass layoffs affecting 136,500 people.  The average new unemployment claims for the last four weeks is still hovering around 375,000 with no indication that this number will fall in the immediate future.  

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