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Romney: I’ve Only Written A Victory Speech…

 (CNN) – Hours before the polls closed Tuesday, GOP nominee Mitt Romney told reporters on his plane that he's so confident in a win he's only prepared a victory speech.
"I've only written one speech at this point," Romney said, adding the text of that address was 1,118 words long.

Saying "intellectually" he's felt he was going to win the election for a long time, Romney said his final campaign stops in Ohio and Pittsburgh Tuesday gave him an emotional jolt as well that victory is within his grasp.
As for any campaign regrets, Romney said he had few.
"I'm very proud of the campaign we've run," Romney said, adding that "no campaign is perfect."
"I am very pleased. I feel we have put it all on the field. We left nothing in the locker room," the candidate said.

Voter Turnout Up for GOP, Down for Dems, So Far in Ohio ...

According to RNC officials, turnout is up in GOP Geauga County, Ohio where John McCain won with 57% of the vote and down in Athens County, the home of Ohio University and where Obama won with 67% in 2008. Early vote in Geauga? 125% of 2008. Athens? Down 10% from 2008.

SHOT: GOP county turnout up

• Plain DealerGeauga election chief predicts 80 percent voter turnout today
• Geauga County early vote was 125% more than 2008 early vote
• McCain won Geauga County with 57% and Bush got 60% in ‘04
CHASER: Dem county turnout down

• WOUBAthens County Election Officials: Morning Voter Turnout Low
• Athens County early vote was 10% less than 2008 early vote
• Obama won Athens County with 67%
Via: Fox News

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Federal Job Corps Vans Used to Bus Voters in Wisconsin

Media Trackers has found federal Job Corps vans being used to bus voters to at least one polling location in the City of Milwaukee. A van with federal plates and driven by a Job Corps employee was seen pulling up to the small polling station at the Clara Barton Elementary School in urban Milwaukee shortly after 1:00 pm on Tuesday. A Job Corps administrator inside the polling place said the federal vans had brought approximately 125 Job Corps participants to the poll as of early afternoon.
The administrator declined to give his name. The Job Corps is a division of the United States Department of Labor, a cabinet level agency that reports directly to President Obama, who is up for re-election today and who has campaigned hard in Wisconsin in recent days.
Poll workers inside the location struggled to handle the extra traffic created by the Job Corps participants brought in from a nearby training facility. A number of them were first time voters who had to be registered using Wisconsin’s same-day registration procedure. At one point a poll worker had to be asked by an unidentified election observer to confirm that a would-be registrant actually lived in the precincts served by the polling location.

Via: Media Trackers

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In 2008, union thugs and members of the New Black Panthers showed up at certain polling places in Ohio and Philadelphia to intimidate Republican voters. To be clear, they didn't say they were there for that reason. Rather, they said they were there to be sure everyone got to vote (wink, wink, nod, nod.)

Members of the New Black Panthers plan to be in Philly again today for the same reasons, ubiquitously, and union thugs will be joining them where possible.
Enter Retired Navy Captain Benjamin Brink, who is sending out "former and retired Special Forces and SEALS" to balance out the presence of the union thugs and New Black Panthers in Philly and elsewhere. Brink's goal is to be sure Romney supporters aren't intimidated into leaving the polls without voting, and to accomplish it, his slogan is "Get Out the Vet."
IMPORTANT: Brink makes it clear that the Special Forces and SEALS are not being sent to engage "intimidators" but to observe and report voter intimidation by Obama's thugs. In this way, those taking part in Brink's "Get Out the Vet" will be able to aide police and other officials on the ground whose personnel are simply spread too thin.
Here's the bottom line: Voters who may have otherwise been intimidated by union thugs or the presence of the New Black Panthers will certainly be encouraged when they see their polls flanked by heroes of the U.S. military: heroes driven not by the revenge Obama can't quit talking about, but by "Love of Country."
God bless Benjamin Brink and the Special Forces and SEALS that stand with him today. 

Middle Cheese: GOP Counties Turned Out for Early Voting

Middle Cheese checks in:
Just a brief report from the Big Cheeses at Team Romney about Ohio early/absentee voting: Obama is under-performing in Kerry-Obama counties, and Republicans are outperforming in McCain 08 counties. As of yesterday, in swing Hamilton County, there are 1,000 fewer Democrat and 800 more GOP early/absentee votes than at this point in 08. Ohio Republicans will turn out. But the key to a Romney victory in OH will be independent voters, who favor Romney by double-digits over Obama in 21 of the last 24 public opinion polls.
Via: National Review Online

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Philly Poll Workers Only Cover Face In Obama Mural, Leave Logo And Quote Visible…

Of course it is illegal to campaign inside a polling place.
Via RNC Deputy Communications Director, Tim Miller:

Pic: Mitt And Ann Romney Vote…

BELMONT, MA – NOVEMBER 06:  Republican presidential candidate, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney (R) and his wife Ann Romney (C) cast their ballots at Beech Street Center on November 6, 2012 in Belmont, Massachusetts. As Americans are heading to the ballots, polls show that U.S. President Barack Obama and Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney are in a tight race. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

U.S. Piled Up More Debt Since Election Day ’08 Than Under All Presidents From Washington Through Clinton

( - The federal government has now piled up more debt since Election Day 2008 than it did under all presidents from George Washington through Bill Clinton, according to official debt numberspublished by the U.S. Treasury.
George WashingtonWhen the polls opened on the morning of Tuesday, Nov. 4, 2008, the total debt of the U.S. government stood at $10,556,177,748,045.21 (the number it had reached by the close of business on Nov. 3, 2008). As of the close of business on Friday, Nov. 2, 2012, the most recent day reported by the Treasury, the total debt of the U.S. government stood at $16,206,129,028,709.29.
That is a four-year increase of $5,649,951,280,664.08.
According to the Treasury, the total debt of the U.S. government last surpassed $5,649,951,280,664.08 on June 21, 2001—five months after George W. Bush succeeded Bill Clinton as president. During the two years leading up to that date, the debt had periodically moved above and below that level, according to the Treasury, but since rising from 5,641,023,159,870.17 on June 20, 2001 to 5,650,400,532,764.38 on June 21, 2001, the debt has never again dropped below $5,649,951,280,664.08.
Thus, the $5,649,951,280,664.08 in new debt accumulated since Americans started voting on Tuesday, Nov. 4, 2008 exceeds the total debt accumulated in the first 224 years after the United States declared independence from England on July 4, 1776. That includes all the debt accumulated during the terms of all of America presidents, starting from George Washington, whose first term began in 1789, and running through Bill Clinton, whose second term ended on Jan. 20, 2001.

Tingles Slams Dinesh D’Souza’s Film As Racist…

Chris Matthews in a special Sunday night Hardball slammed the south as racist and insisted that quoting Barack Obama is bigoted. An incredulous Matthews explained, "And topping it off, we heard Romney himself out here in Ohio today tying all this trash talk together, the president is bent on, get this, revenge." Of course, while talking to voters last week, the President actually said, "Voting is the best revenge."
In another appearance, on Sunday's Last Word, Matthews appeared totally unaware of the context "Well, where did this revenge come from? Where did that line come from?" [See video below.] On Hardball, Matthews insisted to Howard Fineman that most of the country would vote for Obama: "Well, what do you make of the geography, Howard?...The fact that the north, the west, the Midwest will all support Obama, but the south intensely dislikes him?"
The liberal host derided the movie 2016, dismissing it as "that twisted movie out there now that says the President is governed by some Kenyan, anti-colonial mind set."
Continuing to harp on the "revenge" comment (that he was ignorant of), Matthews said Romney's use of the line in an attack ad "fits so neatly into all the Dinesh D'Souza storyline, the whole rest of the stuff."

Election Day: Ten State Ballot Measures to Watch

While elections for political office will likely get most of the media attention on Tuesday, 38 states will be voting on a combined 188 ballot measures affecting a host of major issues. Scribe has broken down 10 of those measures that will be worth watching as returns start coming in Tuesday evening.
Michigan – Proposal 2: This measure proposes a constitutional amendment making union collective bargaining a right. It also gives collective bargaining agreements the force of law, and invalidates any other state laws that conflict with those agreements.
Michigan – Proposal 3: As Scribe has reported, Proposal 3 would direct the state, through a constitutional amendment, to get 25% of its electricity from renewable energy sources by 2025. The measure is backed primarily by out-of-state environmentalist groups, while Michigan businesses have funded most of the opposition to it.
Florida – Amendment 3: This constitutional amendment would establish a cap on state revenue, indexed to inflation and population growth. Any revenue exceeding the cap would be placed in a “rainy day fund.” Once that fund exceeds 10% of the prior year’s total budget, the state would be required to implement tax cuts paid for with revenues from that fund.
Florida – Amendment 6: This measure would prohibit the use of taxpayer funds for abortion services via a constitutional amendment, and would stipulate that Florida’s state constitution cannot be interpreted to provide broader rights to abortion than the United States Constitution.
Minnesota – Amendment 2: This constitutional amendment would establish a voter ID requirement in the state, requiring that all voters present a valid photo identification at the polls. A voter ID law was previously passed by the state legislature, but vetoed by Gov. Mark Dayton (D).
Colorado – Amendment 64: The proposed marijuana legalization would amend the state constitution to permit the “personal use and regulation of marijuana” for adults aged 21 and over. The amendment would also allow the cultivation, manufacturing, and limited possession and consumption of marijuana.
Florida – Amendment 1: This referred state constitutional amendment would “prohibit laws or rules from compelling any person or employer to purchase, obtain, or otherwise provide for health care coverage.”
New Hampshire – Amendment 13: A legislatively-referred constitutional amendment that proposes a ban on any new taxes “levied, directly or indirectly, upon a person’s income, from whatever source it is derived.”
Maine – Question 1: The language of the indirect initiated state statute would allow Maine to “issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples.” A bill legalizing same-sex marriage was repealed by voter referendum in 2009.
California – Proposition 37: The initiated state statute would provide for mandatory labeling of “genetically engineered food.” Among other concerns, the measure targets “misleading” labeling touting a product as “all natural” or using similar wording.


A billboard in southwestern Michigan compares Mitt Romney's successful record in the private sector with Barack Obama's socialist failures.

Ottawa County Patriots have put up the billboard that asks, "Do you want a businessman who has generated millions or a president who has wasted trillions?" 
The billboard lists the companies in which Romney successfully invested private capital versus the companies in which Obama invested taxpayer dollars. 
Romney's successful private sector investments in companies such as Dominos Pizza, Staples, AMC Entertainment, Burger King, Clear Channel Communications, and The Sports Authority are put next to failed companies -- like Solyndra and Beacon Power -- that received taxpayer dollars from Obama. 

Judge issuing order to reinstate booted Philadelphia election officials, Republicans say

A Pennsylvania judge is issuing an order to reinstate Republican election officials across Philadelphia who allegedly were ejected or refused entry by on-site Democratic voting chief judges, GOP officials tell Fox News.

One Republican official claimed that "just under 70" Republican election officials were blocked from Philadelphia polling sites Tuesday morning by Democrats on site. One of them, the official claimed, "was shoved out of the polling place." 
"For this many inspectors to be ejected from polling places is rare, even for Philadelphia," the official told 

Elsewhere in the city, a representative from the New Black Panther Party was also spotted outside a polling site. The New Black Panthers stirred controversy in 2008 when members appeared outside a polling site, one of them holding a billy club. The representative seen Tuesday morning was not armed. 

The flap over the election judges, though, was widespread. Republicans claim they are obtaining a series of court orders to seat the so-called election "inspectors," and sheriff's deputies will be available to escort them. 

Despite the high number of officials who were allegedly booted, the dispute itself is not uncommon for Philadelphia. Fred Voigt, legal counsel for the city commissioners, said these kinds of face-offs happen "with regularity" in the City of Brotherly Love. 

"It happens all the time," Voigt said. He said court-appointed Republican officials typically show up on Election Day and end up squaring off against stand-in officials at the polling sites filling in the open seats. Part of the problem, he said, is that the Republican inspectors are appointed on relatively short notice, leading to a string of confrontations on Election Day. 

"There are no cool heads here," Voigt said. 

Via: Fox News

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GOP Inspectors Being Tossed from Philly Polling Stations

This morning, the GOP is sending along this message:
The Philadelphia GOP is reporting that court appointed Minority (read GOP) Inspectors are being thrown out of polling locations in several Wards.
The Philadelphia Inquirer is on it:
These Inspectors are election officials – again, court appointed — and are reportedly being thrown out by the Head Judges of Elections (these Judges are elected Democrats).
This has happened at the following locations:
Ward 32, Div 13
Ward 43, Div 14
Ward 56, Div 1
Ward 56, Div 22
Ward 32, Div 28
Ward 12, Div 17
Ward 39, Div 1
Ward 24, Div 9
Ward 18, Div 25
Ward 43, Div 14
Ward 29, Div 18
Ward 65, Div 19
Ward 20, Div 1
Ward 6, Div 11
It would be great to see an election year where everyone working elections knew the law, knew the rules, and obeyed them, huh?

Voting Isn’t Revenge, It’s Resistance

There are plenty of ways to cast the divisions between parties and movements, but the elemental act of voting divides rhetoric from motive.

Obama called voting the best revenge, because for a sizable portion of his base that’s exactly what voting is. Their votes are a violent act, a spiteful assault on a country that they can never participate in for economic or cultural reasons. Change for them is not a positive program, but a negative assault on the national majority. Bankrupting the country by robbing it for their own benefit is their revenge.

Voting for us isn’t revenge, it’s resistance. It isn’t a choice that emerges out of reasoned debate between two sets of values, it’s an act of resistance against the revengers, the looters and the destroyers. The voting booth is a form of sabotage against their regime, their corrupt interests and their oppressive regulations. 

These last four years we have endured an intensified occupation of our political, religious and personal freedoms. We have been robbed, lied to, ordered around and in some cases even killed. These crimes have been carried out by elected officials and the election will allow us to remove some of them. It will not end the reign of terror, but if successful, our act of electoral resistance will inflict a severe setback on the plans of their ideological movement and the unelected officials who rely on them for funding and political support.

NH towns cast first ballots - IT'S A TIE

DIXVILLE NOTCH, NH -In the tiny town of Dixville Notch New Hampshire, the presidential vote ended in a historical first.
In a tradition that started more than 40 years ago. The town of ten registered voters all cast their ballots right after midnight on election day, and the results are tallied immediately.
This year, President Barack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney each received five votes from Dixville Notch.
The tie is a historical first for the midnight vote.
And in another tiny New Hampshire town -- Hart's Location -- the President picked up a win.
The earliest voters can go to the polls in other communities is 6 a.m., with the last polls closing at 8 p.m.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Romney Internal Polling Looks Good

 Mitt Romney is ahead by a single percentage point in Ohio, according to internal polling data provided to MailOnline by a Republican party source.
Internal campaign polling completed last night by campaign pollster Neil Newhouse has Romney three points up in New Hampshire, two points up in Iowa and dead level in Wisconsin and - most startlingly - Pennsylvania.
Internal poll show Romney trailing in Nevada, reflected in a consensus among senior advisers that Obama will probably win the state. Early voting in Nevada has shown very heavy turnout in the Democratic stronghold of Clark County and union organisation in the state is strong.
Romney is to campaign in Cleveland, Ohio and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on election day, reflecting the tightness of the race in Ohio and the tantalising prospect of success in Pennsylvania, which has not gone Republican in a presidential campaign for 24 years.
Nearly all public polling put Obama ahead in Ohio by whisker at least. The RealClearPolitics average of polls there gives the president a 2.8 per cent advantage. But the Romney campaign insists that pollsters have their models wrong and are overestimating Democratic turnout and underestimating Republican enthusiasm.
If the Romney campaign's internal numbers are correct - and nearly all independent pollsters have come up with a picture much more favourable for Obama - then the former Massachusetts governor will almost certainly be elected 45th U.S. President.
The most dramatic shift in the Romney campaign's internal polling has been in Wisconsin, which has moved from being eight points down to pulling level. President Barack Obama is campaigning in the state on the eve of election day.
Despite the Obama campaign's insistence that Romney's late decision to contest Pennsylvania is an act of 'desperation', former President Bill Clinton - Obama's most valuable ally on the stump - is holding four eve-of-election events there.

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