Friday, November 25, 2011


When my Dad retired in the 80’s he was 65 years old.  He enjoyed his retirement years by volunteering at the local Senior Citizens Center, ran in elections for local offices and was as active as anyone I knew. He loved playing golf and puttering around his yard taking care of the landscaping and even shoveling snow during the winter.   He also worked part time consulting for a number of his long term clients during tax season.  He had as sharp of mind at 85 when he passed away as he did when he was a younger man.  I would always go to him for advice and he never wavered from the messages he gave me as a child and in my adult life.  All the while his health was declining, but this did not stop or slow him down at all.  He would say that he was just like an automobile and when you get older things start breaking down and it is no different for people.  If he were alive today he would be incensed at the thought of someone other than his doctor deciding whether he lives or dies.

When we hear the term “Death Panels” that has been bantered about since the passing of ObamaCare we can only think of one thing, Socialism at its best.  Recently a caller on the Mark Levin Show revealed a very disturbing part of ObamaCare.  It is an inside look at what ObamaCare will do. A panel of government administrators at Health and Human Services (HHS) under the direction of Secretary Kathleen Sebelious, will decide whether it is economically viable to allow advanced neurosurgical care to be performed on a person over 70 which they now refer to as “units” and not patients.  The patients will now receive comfort care. These are not yet published regulations from (HHS). They are talking about our grandmothers, grandfathers, sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles, neighbors and friends.  This is the United States of America and if you take away people’s right to live with dignity what is left of our valuable freedoms?

At the time ObamaCare was being debated in congress, Sarah Palin said that ‘Death Panels” consisting of bureaucrats, not doctors would be created to decide if we live or die.  She was ridiculed, mocked, and scorned by the main stream media and everyone else that wanted this bill passed.  They all denied that this was the case and that it was just another example of the republicans trying to scare people.  It was done to hide what ObamaCare was really all about.  So if you are 70 years-old or older and your name is Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Maxine Water, Charlie Rangel or soon to be Joe Biden, chances are that you will not be subjected to the “Death Panels” unlike we of us in the general population.

I often get the chance to talk to seniors in this wonderful country and I see a group of people that are still a very important part of society.  They are active with schools, churches, community groups and countless other organizations.  People over 65 make up almost 20% of our population (2010 U.S Census).  They are working longer than ever before to provide for themselves and their families.  They are an invaluable part of our population and they deserve better than this.  They do not deserve to be treated this way by the “government of the people, by the people, for the people”. (Lincoln, Gettysburg Address, 1865)

This is just a tip of the iceberg when referring to the changes in our life that will occur as ObamaCare becomes fully operational by 2014.  Whether we chose to believe this or not, it is not the time to sit back and wait for the inevitable.  It is time to fight this injustice and get it repealed and the people responsible for this disaster voted out of office.  We are at the precipice of our freedoms and they are being taken away from us one regulation at a time.  It’s now or never.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

What's next Mr. President ?

Have you read the recent newspaper headlines Mr. President? If you have not, let me give you the highlights. We start with $14.3 million for retraining former Solyndra employees. Who was the one that approved that loan? You’re Department of Energy with Secretary Steven Chu at the helm. What a shock it went bankrupt and “We the People” lost $535 million. This next story looks interesting.  Super committee fails and where were you Mr. President during this time.  You were on one of your campaign bus trips disguised as a presidential event to talk about more plans but you never quite get to the real problems.  You are traveling to Hawaii and to foreign countries where you knock our education system and apologize about America’s shortcomings instead of our exceptionalism.  Let’s see?  Who runs the Department of Education? Another one of your socialist friends (Secretary Arne Duncan) and you wonder why our education system is in such disarray.

As we move on we see your $447 billion jobs bill that you said repeatedly "pass it now" "we can't wait". Well Mr. President this is not how to stimulate the economy. And to continue, your friend Jon Corzine is missing $1.7 billion of his client’s money . Did you not ask him for economic advice when you were first elected? He certainly knows how spend others money. Is that how you decided to spend the money “We the People” gave you in taxes, and not be held accountable again?  Leading by example you spend millions more of our tax dollars for travel and a Democrat Congressman is using constituent’s campaign funds for trips to weddings. This is what you call leading?
As we continue on we see that the debt reached $15 trillion last week.  Most people can’t comprehend this because they are too busy living in poverty which is now over 15%, and this includes some of the 47 million people now depending on food stamps to eat.  The unemployed continue to search for those non-existent jobs that you promised when you passed your first stimulus plan. Where are the jobs Mr. President?  The next headline has to be my favorite and it just reads “In Michigan, ObamaCare is already a job Killer”.  Where are the 800,000 new jobs that you promised when you signed this bill? And we will never forget those words uttered by former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, “We have to pass the bill so that we can find out what is in it.  And the newest statement by Pelosi who “wants to do for child care what we did for health care”.
In all fairness Mr. President we sometimes get jobs that are way over our heads and it’s nothing to be ashamed of if you can’t handle it.  If this is truly the case there are plenty of community organizer’s positions currently available in your home town of Chicago.  I hope that you are able to find a position that is better suited for you.
One more item that is important for the American people to ask themselves, what did Chris Mathews mean when he asked Obama, “Just tell us, commander. Give us our orders and tell us where we’re going. Give us the mission.”  This sums up your presidency all too clearly. What’s next Mr. President.

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