Wednesday, February 22, 2012


I am writing this note to you on behalf of the American people. In 1990 you were elected to serve your constituents and the citizens of the United States. You were given the “PRIVILEGE” of serving them, but you have done nothing but line your pockets off the backs of your constituents and nothing more. You have become rich while the people in your district are suffering even more than ever. You are an embarrassment to your office and do not deserve to hold theoffice that you have been elected to. Your continued hate speeches do nothing but enrage and divide. You continue to embarrass yourself and your party every day that you are inoffice. You have no ideas to bring forth so you vilify those that do. 

You have been named as one of the top ten corrupt politicians in congress time and time again yet you continue unabated and act like you are a victim. You are not a victim but you continue to victimize all of those around you. You have told the tea party to go to hell and you have called two esteemed leaders Speaker of the House Boehner and Congressman Cantor "DEMONS". This is disrespectful to them and the people they serve and “WE THE PEOPLE” and you should be admonished for this. These are not the words that should ever be coming from a member of Congress. 

It is an abomination and an insult to the America I love and the America you live in to continue to speak in a way that weakens all of us. It is a daunting task to run this country and you have done nothing to help and everything to undermine those you are supposed to serve. Until the day you are swept from office I will continue to expose you for who you are and nothing less. It's time for you to say goodbye and write your book of lies.

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