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Sunday, August 30, 2015


MSNBC has announced a plan to turn away from left-wing opinionating and towards hard, objective news coverage. The network has been cratering in the ratings for years but just now figured out that left-wing talk radio-with-pictures hosted by male and female Rachel Maddow clones isn’t a ratings-grabber.  The Wrap reports that three unnamed MSNBC anchors resent the change:
Network insiders told TheWrap at least three of the network’s anchors — two of them higher-profile — are not on board with network chairman Andrew Lack and president Phil Griffin’s daytime overhaul from progressive firebrand to traditional news format.
“Hard news is a mistake,” one insider told TheWrap of direct conversations with one anchor.
Another anchor has said in public that Lack and Griffin have a fundamental misunderstanding of MSNBC’s audience.
“Older people aren’t eager to get their news from people like Ronan Farrow or Chris Hayes,” the anchor told TheWrap’s insider.
The Wrap adds that part of the internal frustration is over the fact that MSNBC does not appear ready to change it’s left-wing primetime line-up with Rachel Maddow, Chris Hayes and Chris Matthews. Only daytime will move to a hard news format.
Full story here.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

[VIDEO] Matthews: Trump Looks Like More of a Leader Than Obama Did at the Start

Chris Matthews said tonight that Donald Trump comes across as a “leader” more so than President Obama did when he got his start in the presidential race.

He talked about how he’s been growing “Team Trump” or a “Trump party” with his popularity and support among people like Sarah Palin.
And then Matthews even called Trump a “leader.” He said you can tell leaders by whether they have lots of people following them and said, “That was a problem with Obama for a long time. Nobody back there, just him.”

Friday, July 31, 2015

[VIDEO] Wow! DNC Chair FREEZES-CAN'T ANSWER: 'What's The Difference Between Democrat Party And Socialist'?’

Things got very awkward today when Chris Matthews asked DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz what the difference was between the modern Democratic Party and Socialism.

Because we all know there is no difference between today’s Democrat Party and the radical Socialists in Venezuela or Argentina.
Chris Matthews: Will Sanders speak at the Democrat convention, win or lose? Do you want to have him up there as a Socialist representing the Democratic Party?… You want him up there? You want him on the floor of the convention?
Debbie Wasserman Schulz: Bernie Sanders has been a good Democrat. He caucuses with the Democrats.
Matthews: Should he speak? Speak at prime-time?
Wasserman Schultz: Of course he should speak.
Matthews: In prime-time with everybody watching? (laughing)
Wasserman Schultz: Of course Bernie Sanders should speak…
Matthews: What’s the difference between the Democratic Party and Socialist?
Wasserman Schultz: (Speechless) (Laugh)
Matthews: I used to think there’s a big difference. What do you think it is?
Wasserman Schultz: Wuh… The difference between…
Matthews: Like Democrat Hillary Clinton and Socialist Bernie Sanders?… Well what’s the big difference between the Democrat Party and Socialist. You’re chairman of the Democratic Party. Tell me the difference between you and a Socialist?…
Wasserman Schultz: (She won’t answer) The relevant debate we will be having over the course of this campaign is what’s the difference between a Democrat and a Republican.

Even the DNC Chair knows there is NO DIFFERENCE between the Democratic Party and Socialism.

Friday, July 3, 2015

[VIDEO] Chris Matthews: Hillary Clinton is ‘More of a Conservative...Traditional Politician’


On the July 1 edition of Hardball on MSNBC, Chris Matthews brought former Democratic senator and presidential candidate Gary Hart to the program to discuss his book and today’s politics. Matthews asked Hart about “the ideological direction of the party right now” and added that Bernie Sanders is bringing a kind of 1960s message to Democratic politics. The Hardball host then transitioned to discuss Hillary Clinton, making a dubious observation: “Hillary Clinton [is] more of a conservative in a sense of more of a traditional politician from the center, center.”  

Matthews asked Hart how he would like to see this battle in the Democratic Party shake out. The former Colorado Democrat replied: "Today, I think Senator Sanders is rallying a base – a part of the Democratic base that has not been appealed to because of the so-called centrism that’s been going on and off in the Democratic Party. I've never quite understood what that was, but avoidance, I think, of controversial positions.  Hart added that he thinks “there is a chance for a generational change here.” After Matthews questioned Hart on who he’d support in the Democratic primaries in 2016, the former presidential candidate named Martin O’Malley (D-MD) as his favorite candidate.  Also wanting to get a word in about Donald Trump, Hart largely dismissed the billionaire as a product of high name ID. He noted that, right now, “all you hear about” is the media covering Trump. Hart elaborated: “[T]he polls...often reflect name recognition. You stop somebody on the street, you give them 10 or 15 names, half of those people will pick a name they've heard of. And who have they heard of recently but Donald Trump?”

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Hillary Flashback: 'No,' New York Should Not Recognize Same-Sex Marriages

As a senator from New York, Hillary Clinton was staunchly opposed to recognizing same-sex marriage. She expressed that sentiment clearly in this 2002 interview with TV host Chris Matthews (starting at 2:05 mark):
"Let me ask you this about some domestic issues in New York State. This state is always the sort of the social beginnings of so much in this country," liberal host Matthews started. "People come here, a lot of immigrants. The New York Times recently began posting the celebrations of gay unions. Not just straight people getting married, but gay people who want to announce their unions. Do you think New York State should recognize gay marriage?"
Clinton delivered a one-word response: "No."
The crowd booed in response.
Clinton flip-flopped on same-sex marriage in 2013 when she released a recorded video saying she now supported the policy switch.
Via: Weekly Standard
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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

[VIDEO] Chris Matthews still gets a thrill out of the president

It has been seven years since President Obama first thrilled MSNBC's Chris Matthews — and it looks like the thrill is not gone.
"I'm a political romantic, as many of you know now, I love stories of the Kennedys and Franklin Roosevelt," Matthews said this week.
The MSNBC host's remarks came during a larger discussion with panel guests on the friendship between Obama and Vice President Joe Biden. Matthews and his guests also touched on the recent death of the vice president's son, Beau, who died in late May of brain cancer.
"Winston Churchill and Charles deGaulle and yes, I got a thrill from the early speeches of Barack Obama. But nothing in that was as human as what we witnessed this weekend [at the vice president's son's funeral]," he said.
Since 2008, Matthews has battled constant mockery over his claiming once that a speech by Obama sent a "thrill" up his leg.
"I have to tell you, you know, it's part of reporting this case, this election, the feeling most people get when they hear Barack Obama's speech," he said during an evening newscast. "My, I felt this thrill going up my leg. I mean, I don't have that too often."

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Tingles’ Wife To Run For Congress In Maryland…

Getty Images
Kathleen Matthews, the wife of MSNBC personality Chris Matthews, has entered the Democratic primary to replace Rep. Chris Van Hollen (D-Md.), who is running for Senate.

Matthews on Wednesday launched her campaign for Maryland’s 8th District House seat from downtown Silver Spring, vowing to fight for a litany of liberal causes, including equal pay for women, abortion rights, and raising the minimum wage, according to The Washington Post.
Matthews is a former local news anchor. She most recently served as an executive for Marriott Hotels but stepped down from that position last month as she geared up for the House race.

Matthews’s name recognition, and her family’s deep political ties, could help her stand apart from the huge field of Democrats seeking to replace Van Hollen.

Still, she’s never run for elected office before and faces a deep field of experienced state-level officials in the primary.

So far, Maryland Dels. Kumar Barve and Ana Sol Gutierrez are in the race, along with Will Jawando, a former aide to President Obama, and state Sen. Jamie Raskin.

A handful of other Maryland delegates and county officials are also believed to be eyeing the race in a safe Democratic district.
Van Hollen cannot run for reelection to the House because he is seeking the Senate seat left open by the retirement of Sen. Barbara Mikulski (D-Md.). Maryland law prevents candidates from running for both.

Monday, May 25, 2015

Chris Matthews Defending Hillary: FDR Was 'Secretive' and Turned Out Best President of 20th Century

Read more at NewsBusters | Wrapping up a segment dealing with fresh revelations from newly-released Hillary Clinton emails pertaining to  Benghazi, MSNBC Hardball host Chris Matthews on Thursday night dutifully spun that Hillary's "secretive" nature was not a drawback but may in fact be a net positive, comparing her to  "secretive" and "manipulative" FDR, who, in Matthews's estimation, was America's best president of the 20th century, if not the entire history of the Republic.

Via: CNS News
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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Matthews: GOP’s Obama Hate Off the Charts, It’s Like They Think He Has ‘Cooties’

Chris Matthews made a very odd analogy Wednesday night during a segment about Republican hatred of President Obama, saying that the GOP despises the president so much they’re acting like children who are afraid of catching his “cooties.” His dirty, liberal cooties.
Matthews called out one Republican legislator who said he was “sick” by just standing a few feet from Obama. Former Florida Republican Governor (and aspiring future Florida Democratic Governor) Charlie Crist agreed that it’s symptomatic of the “bad behavior” going on in the Republican party, calling for a higher “level of decency.”
Clarence Page added that Republicans use “Obama’s name as a rallying cry to pander to the far right” and anyone who so much as dares to reach out to the other side is labeled a RINO.
Matthews is not the first to make this analogy, Bill Maher went after the GOP along the same lines a few years ago.
Watch the video below, via MSNBC:

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

[VIDEO] Chris Matthews Questions Obama’s Credibility in Wake of NBC’s Obamacare Report

MSNBC host Chris Matthews said President Obama’s “credibility” would be under pressure Tuesday on Morning Joe if accounts that people with “normal medical expenses” were having their insurance plans cancelled are true, as NBC reported Monday.
“ I think it’s a real challenge if people with regular policies out there that cover normal medical expenses are now told, Wait a minute, that policy doesn’t count,’” Matthews said. “I think that will be a real problem for the president in terms of his credibility, if those accounts are in that list.”
NBC reported Monday the Obama administration knew since 2010 that millions of Americans would not keep their health insurance, despite his repeated pledges that Obamacare would not force cancellations of existing coverage policies:
Buried in Obamacare regulations from July 2010 is an estimate that because of normal turnover in the individual insurance market, “40 to 67 percent” of customers will not be able to keep their policy. And because many policies will have been changed since the key date, “the percentage of individual market policies losing grandfather status in a given year exceeds the 40 to 67 percent range.”
Via: WFB
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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Matthews: ‘If We Get a Fact Wrong [on Hardball], We Are Being Dishonest and Incompetent’ (WHICH IS ALL THE TIME)

MSNBC host Chris Matthews said Hardball producers go for the stories that are “heat seeking” and “driven by facts” Friday on Up Late.
Matthews noted Hardball does not “have a correction page,” and thus “if we get a fact wrong, we are being dishonest and incompetent”:
CHRIS MATTHEWS: Every show is different. All our producers know our job is — is — heat seeking. I admit it. Go for the heat. Fact driven. Do both. Go for the heat. You can’t make it boring. It’s got to be driven by facts. We don’t have a correction page like the New York Times. If we get a fact wrong, we are being dishonest and incompetent.
Currently, Chris Matthews’ Politifact file has three statements evaluated, only one of which is rated “true.”
CBS 10 Tampa ran this piece last year on one of Matthews’ more egregious errors when he factually butchered the details of Florida’s 48 hour voter registration rule:
It does not appear Matthews apologized for being “dishonest and incompetent” in this instance.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

[VIDEO] Fuming Chris Matthews: 'Thug' Ted Cruz Wants to 'Kill' Obama's 'Baby'

According to Chris Matthews, conservatives have gone from wanting to kidnap babies to "killing" them. On October 1, the Hardball anchor insisted that Barack Obama "will not give up his baby" to pro-shutdown conservatives such as Ted Cruz. On Tuesday, still angry over the partial-government closure, the anchor fumed, "Today and in the future, Cruz will be remembered as the one who ignited the fire of government shutdown and general political mayhem."
Matthews added, "He'll go down in history as the Mrs. O'Leary's cow of the 2013 disaster." According to the liberal journalist, the "thug" Republican senator from Texas thinks "we're going to bring down the government if you don't do things our way" and "we're going to kill your baby ObamaCare, unless you give us the government." [See video below. MP3 audio here.] Perhaps members of the rabidly pro-abortion party shouldn't be throwing around such terms?
Matthews then complained about Cruz's countenance: "His personality, his mien, the way he speaks on television -- I think it's pretty frightening to people because it has that evangelical edge of fire and brimstone."
Again speaking for Cruz, he imagined, "I'll bring down this temple if I have to, but I'm getting my way."
Appearing on the October 1 Today, Matthews berated, "The President was elected – reelected again. He won this fight over health care....the President will not give up his baby."
Via: Newsbusters

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Saturday, October 19, 2013

Matthews Takes Break from Calling Opponents Racist to Lecture America on Civility

Okay, that headline is a little misleading. MSNBC host Chris Matthews never really took a break from calling his opponents racists and paranoids while engaging on a media blitz promoting his book about civility and amity in politics.
Matthews is presently touring the media universe and recalling the history which he was privileged to witness and record in his new book, Tip and the Gipper: When Politics Worked. The theory is that politics in the nation’s capital used to end at 6 o’clock when bitter partisan rivals would drop their disagreements and have a friendly scotch together. 
That era of comity, Matthews submits, is gone. Exploring this theme in The Boston Globe on Friday, Matthews cites the wisdom of former House Speaker Tip O’Neill’s chief counsel, Kirk O’Donnell, to explain why Washington worked in the 1980s but fails so spectacularly today.
“It was Kirk who not only taught me the rules of politics, but, just as important, that there are rules,” Matthews writes. “I believe Speaker O’Neill and President [RonaldReagan honored that truism to a T.”
When I first met the conservative hero — he had come to Capitol Hill to give an early State of the Union — I tried breaking the ice. “Welcome to the room where we plot against you,” I offered. “Oh no,” Reagan countered. “It’s after six. The speaker told me that here in Washington we’re all friends after six.”
“Critics can say what they will to diminish the importance of that sentiment,” Matthews continues. “I believe it masks a far deeper value. It said that after all the fighting, all the battling of left and right here in this country, we’re in this thing together. In the end what matters is the system of self-government itself. It’s what gives us the chance to make things better.”
This is an important sentiment and Matthews is correct that it has faded from relevance in recent years. Many on the grassroots right and left, and some in Washington like Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), have no apparent need for what they denigrate as the “professional wrestling” aspect of politics.
In this sense, Matthews is right; the period in which politics was characterized by pugnacity on the legislature floor but concord when the cameras were off is slipping away. However, Matthews is probably the single worst person to remind the public of this fact, considering all he has done in the past several years to exacerbate tensions, smear his political foes, and dishonestly delegitimize their ideas.

Friday, October 18, 2013


In an interview on “Larry King Now,” MSNBC’s Chris Matthews said that internal pressure at MSNBC (as well as other cable channels) forces on-air talent to be more politically partisan.
“I’m watching Fox [News],” Matthews said. “Will [new primetime anchor] Megyn Kelly be able to stay in the middle or will she move over? Will she have to move over? Look at Greta [Van Susteren]. Greta was more center left now she’s moved over. There’s a lot of group pressure in those places. In any place you work.”
Asked by Larry King if there’s specifically any pressure to be partisan at MSNBC, Matthews said yes. “Oh, I feel it,” he said. “I think it’s there. I think you know your audience. You know who you’re talking to. I always know who I’m talking to. But I always want to keep a chunk of Republicans as well as Democrats.”
Matthews’ admission came as part of a larger discussion about the evolution of cable news into an evermore opinionated medium. ”The viewer comes home and they have an attitude,” Matthews said, “and they want to enjoy that attitude. They want somebody else to voice it.”
Watch the full episode…

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Matthews Questions Orrin Hatch’s Patriotism Because He Called Obamacare a ‘Bill’

MSNBC host Chris Matthews said Sen. Orrin Hatch’s (R., Utah) reference to Obamacare as a “bill” was an intentional slight meant to “disrespect” the law and President Obama Thursday on MSNBC Live.
Matthews openly wondered how Hatch or any other Republican could consider themselves a “patriot” when they disrespect the president by opposing his policies.
“The patriot,” Matthews said, “is the person who accepts the law. The patriot is the one who believes in compromise, who believes in government”:
THOMAS ROBERTS: It’s weird Orrin Hatch — with Chuck Todd, he kept calling it a bill. He kept referring to Obamacare as a bill.
CHRIS MATTHEWS: You know why? He wants to disrespect it. Disrespect for institutions, for the election of a president, for the American voter who elected him is a real problem and why they can call themselves patriots as they do that is highly inconsistent. The patriot is the person who accepts the law and the patriot is the one who believes in compromise, who believes in government.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Matthews, Panel Hammer Obama for Lack of ‘Forceful Leadership’

Mark 2013 as the year practically everyone and everything turned on President Obama, because from the NSA scandal to Syria, the White House has been constantly barraged with scandal and controversy, and their handling of events hasn’t exactly been that adroit. Case in point, Chris Matthews took Obama to task on Wednesday for being too “reactive” to events and not controlling or focusing the discussion on issues he wants to talk about. Washington Post reporter Dana Milbankagreed, saying that there is a deficit of “forceful leadership” from the Obama White House.
In fact, Milbank even went so far as to credit George W. Bush for this quality sorely lacking in Obama. At least with Bush, Milbank argued, “he got stuff done, hammering away for taxes, for war… whereas Obama sort of flits and flies from topic to topic.” Matthews wished Obama would be tougher against Republicans on key issues, while HuffPo’s Sam Stein noted Obama’s pushed a little, but not quite enough.
Matthews vented a little, saying “this Mini-Me stuff has got to stop.” Milbank said Obama’s political nuance looks too much like “muddled thinking” to people, suggesting he needs to start campaigning for big issues with bumper-sticker slogans. Stein made it clear part of the lack of action in Washington is derived in part from Republican obstructionism.
Matthews wistfully looked back on how forceful Obama used to be, concluding that he has to go back to that and not get caught up in current events.
Watch the video below, via MSNBC:

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