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Sunday, August 30, 2015


MSNBC has announced a plan to turn away from left-wing opinionating and towards hard, objective news coverage. The network has been cratering in the ratings for years but just now figured out that left-wing talk radio-with-pictures hosted by male and female Rachel Maddow clones isn’t a ratings-grabber.  The Wrap reports that three unnamed MSNBC anchors resent the change:
Network insiders told TheWrap at least three of the network’s anchors — two of them higher-profile — are not on board with network chairman Andrew Lack and president Phil Griffin’s daytime overhaul from progressive firebrand to traditional news format.
“Hard news is a mistake,” one insider told TheWrap of direct conversations with one anchor.
Another anchor has said in public that Lack and Griffin have a fundamental misunderstanding of MSNBC’s audience.
“Older people aren’t eager to get their news from people like Ronan Farrow or Chris Hayes,” the anchor told TheWrap’s insider.
The Wrap adds that part of the internal frustration is over the fact that MSNBC does not appear ready to change it’s left-wing primetime line-up with Rachel Maddow, Chris Hayes and Chris Matthews. Only daytime will move to a hard news format.
Full story here.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Marilyn Mosby’s ‘Police Officer’ Family? Mother Resigned And Uncle Fired Over Drug Use, Father Fired For Robbing Drug Dealers…

The mother of Baltimore city state’s attorney Marilyn Mosby faced numerous disciplinary actions during her 20-year career as a Boston police officer, though the public wouldn’t know it based on the Freddie Gray case prosecutor’s public statements touting her family’s strong policing history.
The 35-year-old Mosby has used her family’s police ties to rebut critics who say she rushed to judgement and overcharged the six cops involved in Gray’s April 12 arrest. The 25-year-old Gray died a week later, touching off rioting in Baltimore and nationwide protests.
“Law enforcement is pretty much instilled within my being,” Mosby told MSNBC’s Chris Hayes on May 1, the day she publicly announced charges against the officers. “I come from five generations of police officers,” she added, pointing out that her mother, father, grandfather and uncles have all served as cops.
But there’s more to the story than Mosby has let on.
Personnel records obtained by The Daily Caller show that Mosby’s mother, Linda Thompson, first violated the Boston police department’s substance abuse policy in 2006. After serving a 45-day rehab stint, Thompson violated the drug code again and voluntarily resigned on Feb. 1, 2008, rather than be fired.
The early retirement allowed Thompson, now 52, to draw a $1,810.69 monthly pension.
Thompson is not the only member of Mosby’s family to have had a rocky policing career. Mosby’s father was fired from the Boston police department in 1991 following accusations that he and his partner robbed drug dealers at gun point. Mosby’s uncle was fired from Boston PD in 2001 after testing positive for cocaine. Her grandfather was a well-respected Boston cop, but he ultimately and unsuccessfully sued the department for racial discrimination in the 1980s.
Mosby has not publicly mentioned any of that during her speeches when running for Baltimore state’s attorney or since taking on the Gray case.
“A majority of police officers are risking their lives day-in and day-out,” Mosby told Hayes during her interview. “Recognizing that, because that’s what my family did, I also recognize that there are those individuals that usurp their authority who will…go past the public trust.”
“When they do that, you have to hold those individuals accountable,” Mosby added.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Ben Domenech Clears Up Entire CBO Report Debate In Four Minutes

“What kind of economy do you want? Do you want one where people are working more hours for themselves and their families? Or do you want one where some people are going to be working more hours to pay for the subsidies, and some people are going to be working fewer hours but they’ll have health care?”
Ben Domenech of the Heartland Institute appears on MSNBC’s All In With Chris Hayes this week to discuss Obamacare costs and the implications of the CBO report.
This is an excellent breakdown of exactly what the implications are of the CBO report and what Obamacare means for the work force in the future. The above quote is a key take-away. Hayes is arguing that it’s good that people don’t have to work more hours simply to ensure they have health insurance. Domenech argues that it’s not a good thing when some people have to work more hours to pay for the subsidies so other people can work fewer hours and still get healthcare. Taking more labor from some to pay for less labor from others. Gee, where have we heard this sort of philosophy before?
DOMENECH: The problem here is about labor force participation. It’s not about some new aspect of Obamacare that’s been discovered that’s killing jobs. This is CBO basically going back and looking at the prediction they gave us a few years ago, when they said that about 800,000 equivalent full time would drop out of the labor force because of Obamacare. This is them looking at it again after new research that’s been done by Harvard, by M.I.T. scholars, by the University of Chicago in particular that essentially found that the effect was going to be far more dramatic, in part this because of the effect of subsidies on the marketplace but it’s really driven by the fact that Obamacare is behaving differently than Romneycare in a couple of key ways, which was the basis for the earlier CBO assumption.
HAYES: That is a really good point. I think actually this is where we get to a genuine point of contention. Let’s separate out two kinds of ways in which peoplel might choose to work less because of Obamacare. One which a lot of people talking about is this early retirement, which you’ve seen a lot. I’ve heard a lot of people saying, i’m working until i’m on Medicare, that is a very common thing you hear. There’s a certain amount of people that the presence of Obamacare means I have guaranteed issue, i’m 60, 61, I can leave my job and I can have health care, I don’t have to stay locked in this job for healthcare. that to me seems like a net benefit, do you agree with that?
Via: The Right Scoop
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Thursday, October 24, 2013


Chris Hayes, host of MSNBC's All In, has a favorite tactic--though not an original one: connecting today's Republicans with the racist Democrats of the old South. In June, he rewrote history bycasting George Wallace as a Republican--an error for which, to his credit, he later apologized. On Wednesday, he appeared to use a more subtle tactic to connect the Tea Party's Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, and Marco Rubio to the Ku Klux Klan.

In a segment on possible Tea Party contenders for the Republican Party's nomination in the 2016 presidential race, Hayes used a graphic (above) that portrayed Cruz, Paul, and Rubio as kings in a deck of cards--and that, rather conveniently, spelled out the initials "K K K." (Hayes did not say the word "kings" during the segment.)
The use of KKK imagery--historically associated with Democrats, not Republicans--to describe the Tea Party would not be unique to Hayes. Rep. Alan Grayson (D-FL) recently used a burning cross to provide the "T" in "Tea Party" in a fundraising email. Hayes's "dog whistle" was more clever, but--if intentional--no less offensive.
There is a hazard, of course, in taking offense too quickly at bad jokes, and there is always the possibility that Hayes was unaware of the graphic, or even that the KKK reference was entirely coincidental. However, given Hayes's past record, and the constant obsession of fellow MSNBC anchors with making false accusations of racism against the Tea Party and the Republican Party, Hayes has arguably exhausted the benefit of the doubt. 

Thursday, October 10, 2013

[VIDEO] NBC News Host: 'The Constitution Is the Problem'

GATEWAY PUNDIT: MSNBC host Chris Hayes thinks he’s got it figured out.
It’s not Obama’s unwillingness to negotiate. It’s not the Democrat’s unwillingness to cut spending.

It’s the Constitution’s fault that we are having stalemates and shutdowns.
“The political disfunction that has brought about the shutdown and now threatens default, isn’t so much gridlock. It is exposing the fatal flaw in our Constitution and highly distinct system of government. In other words, it’s the Constitution’s fault. Something truly catastrophic was bound to happen sooner or later.”
Via: Fox News

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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

MSNBC's Hayes: Wendy Davis for Gov is 'Matter of Life and Death for Many Texans'

On Friday's All In show, as Chris Hayes celebrated Texas Democratic State Senator Wendy Davis's announcement that she will run for governor, the MSNBC host characterized her run as "literally a matter of life or death for many Texans," as he lambasted Texas Republicans for opposing Medicaid expansion.

Hayes took a shot at Republican Senator Ted Cruz as he rejoiced in Davis's infamous filibuster to support abortion:
You remember Wendy Davis, the woman who waged an epic 11-hour filibuster to temporarily block a Republican proposal restricting abortion in the state, sporting a pair of neon pink sneakers throughout. And  the Davis filibuster wasn't some Ted Cruz-style spectacle. This was a real-deal filibuster, an attempt to block a Republican bill restricting women's access to medical care.
After recounting that she became an "overnight rock star in the Democratic party," he continued: "But a Wendy Davis candidacy is more than just good politics for Democrats. It's literally a matter of life or death for many Texans."
After citing statistics on the number of uninsured in Texas, Hayes indicted Republican Governor Rick Perry: "And the trend is getting worse. Piling on, the state's current governor, Republican Rick Perry, rejected the  very thing that would help those people most to receive coverage under ObamaCare.".
Below is a transcript of the relevant portion of the Friday, October 4, All In with Chris Hayes on MSNBC:
CHRIS HAYES: Yesterday was the day for Wendy Davis. The Texas state senator throwing her hat in the ring to become the first Democratic governor of the Lone Star State since Ann Richards. You remember Wendy Davis, the woman who waged an epic 11-hour filibuster to  temporarily block a Republican proposal restricting abortion in the state, sporting a pair of neon pink sneakers throughout. And  the Davis filibuster wasn't some Ted Cruz-style spectacle. This was a real-deal filibuster, an attempt to block a Republican bill restricting women's access to medical care.

Davis's actions galvanized folks across the country. A flood of supporters gathering inside the state capitol to cheer her on. And when the bill was ultimately blocked at the midnight deadline, Davis became an overnight rock star in the Democratic party. Inspiring means, nail art, a hash tag, even Taiwanese animation. But a Wendy Davis candidacy is more than just good politics for  Democrats. It's literally a matter of life or death for many Texans.

According to Gallup for the fifth straight year, Texas leads the country in its percentage of people without health insurance.  A whopping 29 percent of Texans don't have coverage. That's over six million people, roughly the population of the entire state  of Massachusetts. And the trend is getting worse. Piling on, the state's current governor, Republican Rick Perry, rejected the very thing that would help those people most to receive coverage under ObamaCare.
Via: Newsbusters

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Friday, September 20, 2013

Wasserman Schultz On Obamacare: Once People Receive Benefits "They're Not Going To Want To Let It Go"

CHRIS HAYES: Is there some point where there is victory here? Ae we doomed to be fighting about Obamacare until I am an old man?

REP. DEBBIE WASSERMAN SCHULTZ (D-FL): I don't think so. In fact, that is exactly why the tea party Republicans are hell-bent on doing everything they can to try to stop Obamacare from going online on October 1st. Because even as Ted Cruz said the other day, this is the real transparent deal here, Chris, is that they know that once people realize the benefits of Obamacare, once they can no longer be dropped or denied coverage for pre-existing conditions, once they are able to fully benefit from the coverage that will be provided, they're not going to want to let it go. 

They're going to realize that the bogeyman that the Republicans and the tea party have put up was just that. it was as fictional as the bogeyman of our childhood. 

HAYES: You think this push right now, this fall, that the reason that the fight has doubled down right now, as we head up against both a continuing resolution deadline, that happens to be the same deadline as the day that the health exchanges go into effect. You think that's not a coincidence you think this is a last-gasp attempt to kill the thing before it starts delivering the tangible benefits that have been promised. 

WASSERMAN SCHULTZ: Absolutely. The tea partyers are desperate to prevent people from realizing the full scope of the benefits to their lives that Obamacare will provide. The women who will, you know, be able to get their annual checkups and preventative care, which is already occurring. The -- no more of annual or lifetime caps. The young adults that can stay on their parents' insurance until their 26. The side-by-side coverage that they're going to be able to compare in the marketplace exchanges when they go online on October 31st. The 30 million people that over the next few years will get coverage they don't have now. 

That is what the Republicans are desperate to prevent from coming fully online because they know that there's no turning back after that, and they know they will have lost. And that's why they're willing to harm the economy in order to stop it from happening.

Via: Real Clear Politics

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