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Saturday, August 22, 2015

Conservatives Push to Rein in Courts on Abortion, Illegal Immigration

Experts believe Congress can use Article III to limit federal jurisdiction

A Washington think tank is raising awareness of ways that Congress could use the Constitution to rein in the authority of federal courts, which many have accused of usurping the authority of the legislative branch.
The Selous Foundation for Public Policy Research recently launched the Empower the States project, of which Thomas is director. The project is meant to draw attention to the powers available to Congress under Article III of the Constitution, which declares that “The judicial power of the United States shall be vested in one Supreme Court, and in such inferior courts as the Congress may from time to time ordain and establish.”
Andrew Thomas, a fellow at the foundation, says that the nation’s federal court system has been “functionally taken over by the left,” the only solution to which is for Congress to remove power from courts and place it back in the hands of states and the American people.
The Supreme Court has “appellate jurisdiction, both as to law and fact, with such exceptions, and under such regulations as the Congress shall make.” As such, Congress has the authority to limit the jurisdiction of federal courts, a power that Thomas identified as crucial to stop what he considers the decades-long “abuse” that some judges have exercised such areas as immigration, the death penalty, abortion, and marriage.
The challenge with Article III reforms, however, is that there exist limits on what they can accomplish because the courts will ultimately be able to decide whether to uphold limitations on their own jurisdiction.
Thomas said judicial reform should be a key concern for conservative voters ahead of the 2016 election. Data from the Pew Research Centerindicates that negative views of the Supreme Court are at an all-time high, largely driven by Republican dissatisfaction with the court.
A majority of American voters are “uncomfortable” with the direction of the U.S. on social issues in the wake of landmark Supreme Court rulings in favor of Obamacare and gay marriage, according to a Washington Post-ABC News poll released last month.
According to Thomas, the best Republican candidate for president will be one who is not only strong on issues like immigration and religious liberty but also a “champion of judicial reform.”
It is not enough for candidates to promise to “build a wall around the Mexican border” or “protect religious liberty,” Thomas said. The next president will face judges who will ultimately strike down the laws he or she promises to enact unless proper judicial reform is achieved.
Thomas says that using the Article III method, Congress could pass legislation barring federal courts from taking up lawsuits regarding, for example, the federal government’s implementation of deportation. All the bill would need is a signature from the president to become law.
Several Republican contenders have talked forcefully about reining in courts, including Huckabee, the retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson, the former Pennsylvania senator Rick Santorum, and Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas.
The Empower the States project, of which Thomas is director, has garnered support from multiple Tea Parties in Arizona, the Las Vegas Tea Party, and several grassroots allies.
“The time has come,” Thomas said.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

15 States Finally Standing Up Against Obama’s Unconstitutional Regulations

Fifteen State Attorney Generals have filed suit against Obama’s Environmental Protection Agency for their sweeping and unconstitutional carbon regulations.

The fifteen states who petitioned the court on Thursday are West Virginia, Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Nebraska, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Wisconsin and Wyoming.

If you are like me, you are wondering where your state is in the list.

The Blaze reports that under the unconstitutional regulations, the EPA will “regulate the electricity industry and require states and utility companies to meet goals, providing rewards and penalties.”
EPA spokeswoman Liz Purchia told Reuters, “To ensure that the Clean Power Plan’s significant health benefits and progress against climate change are delivered to all Americans, EPA and the Department of Justice will vigorously defend it in court.”

Fine, but you have no constitutional authority to do so.

West Virginia Attorney General Patrick Morrisey said, “This rule is the most far-reaching energy regulation in the ... to transform itself from an environmental regulator to a central planning agency for states’ energy economies. The Clean Air Act was never intended to be used to create this type of regulatory regime, and it flies in the face of the powers granted to states under the U.S. Constitution.”
The attempt by the states could be more easily dismissed through nullification of EPApolicies, since they are not even law and since the EPA is an unconstitutional agency. However, something had to be done immediately.

“If we were to wait on the EPA to get this rule published, it could be well into 2016 before the States complete arguments and receive a ruling on a request to stay this rule,” Attorney General Morrisey said. “By that time, many states will already be in the middle of drafting their compliance plans ahead of the September 2016 deadline. We want to ensure that no more taxpayer money or resources are wastefully spent in an attempt to comply with this unlawful rule that we believe will ultimately be thrown out in court.”

“While this request is not typical, the EPA is playing games by putting the risk of a delay in publication entirely on the states,” Morrisey added. “We hope the court will spare our states any more unnecessary harm, and that the EPA will not needlessly delay the publication date.”

Of course, Barack Obama, being the Marxist that he is, called the unconstitutional measures “the single most important step the U.S. has ever taken to fight climate change.”

The problem is that there is no climate change. There is no global warming. All of this is false science in order to extort money from the American people, impose communism inAmerica, shutdown business and eventually control the people.

“This is one of those rare issues because of its magnitude, because of its scope, that if we don’t get it right, we may not be able to reverse it,” Obama said. “There is such a thing as being too late when it comes to climate change. That doesn’t mean it’s hopeless. We can take action.”

The problem is that men do no create the weather or change the climate. God does. He determines how far the seas go (Job 38:8-11) and how hard the winds blow (matt 4:39). Yes, even hurricanes, tempests and such are at His command. Climate change is nothing more than a ruse. It is a lie because it comes from those whose father is the father of lies (John 8:44), the devil.

It’s long past time that states began to start banding together to ignore, not go to court with, the federal government in matters like this. Furthermore, they should ignore the court’s ruling, which is just that (ie. A ruling), and begin nullifying and interposing themselves between citizens, businesses and other entities in the states and the federal government.

Better yet, why don’t we simply band together to eliminate the federal government altogether and go back to sovereign states and Articles of Confederation. That would eliminate much of the tyranny that is strangling us today.

Friday, August 14, 2015

Lerner Rages Against 'Evil and Dishonest' Republicans, Will Nets Report?

Lerner Rages Against 'Evil and Dishonest' Republicans, Will Nets Report?

Lois Lerner’s utter contempt for Republicans was on full display in a newly uncovered email in which she railed: “They called me back to testify on the IRS ‘scandal,’ and I too[k] the 5th again because they had been so evil and dishonest in my lawyer’s dealings with them.”
The question has to be asked, will Lerner’s use of such inflammatory language be enough to wake the Big Three (ABC, CBS, NBC) network evening and morning shows out of their IRS scandal coverage slumber? 
So far, they have yet to report on any of the recent IRS scandal revelations such as Lerner setting her sights on Bristol Palin, her glee when she found out instant messaging emails were not automatically archived, and the IRS’s targeting of donors to conservative organizations.
On ThursdayPolitico’s Katy O’Donnell, in article headlined “Lerner Slammed ‘evil and dishonest’ GOP Inquisitors,” reported on a “Politico examination of thousands of pages of emails and other material recently released by the Senate Finance Committee” that uncovered  particularly spiteful emails Lerner had sent to a friend:
When she was under investigation by Congress, she offered a blistering critique of her inquisitors. In a March 6, 2014, email, Lerner told a friend: “They called me back to testify on the IRS ‘scandal,’ and I too[k] the 5th again because they had been so evil and dishonest in my lawyer’s dealings with them.”
In June 2014, Lerner told the same friend that an unflattering picture of her appearing before Congress kept surfacing because “it serves their purposes of hate mongering to continue to use those images. I was never a political person — this whole fiasco has only made me lose all respect [for] politics and politicians. I am merely a pawn in their game to take over the Senate.”
These emails come on the heels of new evidence that Lerner’s IRS was holding up approval of conservative groups. 
On August 11, Americans for Tax Reform’s Alexander Hendrie reported that Lerner’s IRS granted only one conservative group non-profit status in three years:
Lois Lerner’s political beliefs led to tea party and conservative groups receiving disparate and unfair treatment when applying for non-profit status, according to a detailed report compiled by the Senate Finance Committee.
Because of Lerner’s bias, only one conservative political advocacy organization was granted tax exempt status over a period of more than three years:
“Due to the circuitous process implemented by Lerner, only one conservative political advocacy organization was granted tax-exempt status between February 2009 and May 2012. Lerner’s bias against these applicants unquestionably led to these delays, and is particularly evident when compared to the IRS’s treatment of other applications, discussed immediately below.”
As the report notes, Lois Lerner became aware in April or May of 2010 that the IRS Exempt Organizations (EO) division had begun receiving a high number of applications from Tea Party organizations. But as the backlog of applicants increased, Lerner added “more layers of review and raised hurdles for applicants to clear.”

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

A Year After Ferguson Rioters Damaged Her Shop, Woman Rebuilding With Tea Party’s Help Is Robbed Again

Volunteers with the St. Louis Tea Party Coalition gather with Dellena Jones outside her shop, 911 Hair Salon. The St. Louis Tea Party Coalition has been helping Jones rebuild after protests erupted in Ferguson, Mo., last year and again on Sunday. (Photo: Dottie McKenna Bailey)
This week, on the one-year anniversary of Michael Brown’s death, a familiar image came out of Ferguson, Mo., as protesters faced off against police in the city just as they did 12 months ago.
For one business owner, a night of rioting and looting disrupted a year of rebuilding not just her business, but a community.
Over the course of last year, Dellena Jones, owner of 911 Hair Salon on West Florissant Avenue, found an ally eager to help her rebuild: the St. Louis Tea Party Coalition.
But on Sunday, a group of young men shattered the left window of her beauty salon as protests flared once again in the St. Louis suburb.
Jones’ shop is located in the epicenter of where the protests occurred last year in Ferguson after Brown, an unarmed 18-year-old black man, was killed by former police officer Darren Wilson.
The looters, who robbed the store after police shot and injured a young black man who allegedly fired several shots at officers, took beauty supplies such as scissors and curling irons and flipped over one of Jones’s hair dryers. It will likely cost hundreds of dollars to purchase a new hair dryer.
“I was hoping for the best and believing for the best,” Jones said in an interview with The Daily Signal of her expectations for the anniversary of Brown’s death. “We were expecting for things to be good, and if it weren’t, not [this] bad.”
For Jones, who worked for more than a decade at the salon before taking over as owner in 2012, the burglary came after a year of struggling to get her business back on its feet.
“It’s been very challenging,” Jones said. “I’ve been trying to keep up the bills here and at home. It’s proven to be very difficult and challenging and almost impossible.”
One year ago, as the nation turned to watch Ferguson following Brown’s death, Jones became a victim of the riots and looting that took place in its wake. Her store was one of more than 30 businesses looted and damaged. One business, a QuikTrip convenience store, was burned to the ground.
Jones estimated that in the last 12 months, the protests have caused her to lose roughly $75,000—a combination of lost revenue from a decrease in foot traffic along West Florissant Avenue and the cost of repairing her shop.
“You have all of these different protesters. They don’t pop into your business and say, ‘Hey, what do you need?’ or ‘Hey, are you all OK?’” Jones said. “It just seems like with the protests, it seems very selfish.”
After last year’s protests, the St. Louis Tea Party Coalitionrallied volunteers to participate in “buycotts” of Ferguson businesses to show people that yes, the stores in the town were open for business, and yes, it’s safe to shop in the city.
And over the last few months, the group has also been helping Jones put her store back together.


Lois Lerner’s IRS Granted Only ONE Conservative Group Non-Profit Status in Three Years
Lois Lerner’s political beliefs led to tea party and conservative groups receiving disparate and unfair treatment when applying for non-profit status, according to a detailed report compiled by the Senate Finance Committee.
Because of Lerner’s bias, only one conservative political advocacy organization was granted tax exempt status over a period of more than three years:
“Due to the circuitous process implemented by Lerner, only one conservative political advocacy organization was granted tax-exempt status between February 2009 and May 2012. Lerner’s bias against these applicants unquestionably led to these delays, and is particularly evident when compared to the IRS’s treatment of other applications, discussed immediately below.”
As the report notes, Lois Lerner became aware in April or May of 2010 that the IRS Exempt Organizations (EO) division had begun receiving a high number of applications from Tea Party organizations. But as the backlog of applicants increased, Lerner added “more layers of review and raised hurdles for applicants to clear.”
This “rigid and unorthodox process” meant that over the three year period, tea party and conservative groups waited a total of 621 years for the IRS to make a decision about their applications for tax-exempt status. As the report notes, many of these applications could have been decided far earlier, but were not due to decisions by Lerner. As the report notes:
“The unfortunate consequence of imposing this highly rigid and unorthodox process on EO Determinations was that many Tea Party applications that could have been decided in 2010 were not. Rather, those Tea Party applications unnecessarily languished for several more years, while the IRS mismanaged its way through a series of failed initiatives designed to bring the applications to decision.”
In contrast, progressive or non-affiliated applicants faced a timely review process. Indeed, the IRS was willing and able to quickly approve high profile non-tea party applicants:
“Although applications from the Tea Party and conservative organizations languished at the IRS, this was not the case for all groups that applied. In cases where the IRS wanted to act quickly, it did – particularly for other high-profile applications that attracted political attention.”
As the Finance Committee concludes, the process by which EO approved applications for tax-exempt status was clearly based on how closely an organization aligned with Lerner’s liberal views:
“The IRS’s treatment of these organizations was almost universally consistent with Lerner’s personal political views – this is, supporting Democratic candidates and opposing conservative tax-exempt organizations that engaged in political speech. Conservative organizations that sought to participate in the nation’s political discourse, such as the Tea Party, drew the strongest ire from Lerner.”

Friday, August 7, 2015

[EDITORIAL] Jailtime For IRS' Political Hacks

Internal Revenue Service Commissioner John Koskinen testifies on Capitol Hill on June 2, 2015.  AP
Corruption: After a year's stalling by the IRS, the Senate Finance Committee has released its bipartisan report, denouncing the tax-collection agency's partisanship and incompetence. When are these people going to jail?
The Senate report wasn't entirely satisfactory, given that its criticism was primarily in the compromise language of "gross mismanagement" to describe the agency's targeting of Tea Party dissident groups.

Using legal technicalities to silence and repress political dissent under the color of the nation's most feared enforcement agency isn't mismanagement. It's a crime.

It's incompatible with democracy and it shatters public confidence in the rule of law. It's the very crime the State Department is now condemning in Venezuela: the use of legal technicalities to halt popular opposition candidates from running for office. Until now, this kind of activity has had no precedent in our country, and it must be stopped before it becomes the standard.

This is far from mere incompetence or gross mismanagement. It was a highly competent operation to silence dissent. Yet no one has been sanctioned or punished, despite there being laws on the books dating back to the beginning of a professional civil service, that forbid and punish partisan motives in what should be impartial law. Already some observers believe the IRS swung the last election for the Democrats with these activities.

Not only did the IRS target Tea Party groups with unconscionable delays and intrusive questions, it went for their families, too. Young Bristol Palin learned yesterday that just being the daughter of former Alaska Gov. and Tea Party favorite Sarah Palin put her in the IRS' sights. Sarah Palin's father was targeted, too.

The agency also obstructed justice, first falsely claiming that its illegal targeting was only the work of rogue agents in its Cincinnati office. Then, as that lie fell apart, IRS moved to destroy evidence in the thousands of missing emails on IRS tax exempt organizations chief Lois Lerner's computer. Conveniently for them, it was declared lost forever in a hard drive crash — until it wasn't.

Now it's relying on its allies in the Senate and among anti-Tea Party Democrats in the House for cover, having them declare it incompetence, not a crime.

Allies? Yes. IRS top executive John Koskinen is a major financial contributor to Democrat campaigns, having donated nearly $100,000 to Democrats since 1979. And the National Treasury Employees Union, the IRS agents' union, is an even more notable donor to Democrats, with 94% of its members donating to leftists, and the 150,000-strong union itself endorsing Obama for president both in 2008 and 2012.

Lerner herself called Tea Party members "crazies" and spewed other anti-GOP insults in her emails.

To say that the IRS didn't have an interest in repressing dissent and was just unwittingly incompetent is ridiculous. IRS bureaucrats saw an illicit advantage for their Democrat friends — and wrongly took it.

That's illegal, and it demands a strong response from the law if the agency ever expects to recover public confidence. If it doesn't care enough about that, well, then what difference is there between the U.S. and a lawless banana republic?

Thursday, August 6, 2015

IRS mismanaged Tea Party groups, Senate report finds

IRS mismanaged Tea Party groups, Senate report finds | TheHill
The IRS severely mismanaged the applications of Tea Party groups seeking tax-exempt status, a long-awaited and bipartisan Senate report said Wednesday.
But Republicans and Democrats on the Senate Finance Committee couldn't find common ground on perhaps the central IRS issues of the last 27 months: whether the agency intentionally targeted conservative groups because of their politics, and whether there was White House or Treasury involvement.
The new report did find that Lois Lerner, the central figure in the controversy, "failed to adequately manage" her staff that were processing the tax-exempt applications. 
More broadly, the committee, led by Sens. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) and Ron Wyden (D-Ore.), found that the IRS division overseeing tax-exempt groups showed little to no regard for the groups who in some cases faced years of delay on their applications. 
"Not only did those organizations have to withstand delays measured in years, but many also were forced to bear a withering barrage of burdensome and inappropriate 'development letters' aimed at extracting information the IRS wrongly concluded was necessary to properly process the applications," the report said.
Lerner launched the IRS controversy in May 2013, by apologizing for the IRS's treatment of Tea Party groups through a planted question at a law conference. A Treasury inspector general subsequently found the IRS had selected groups with “Tea Party” and “patriots” in their name for extra scrutiny.
Republicans and Democrats have long agreed that Lerner and her division mishandled Tea Party groups' applications, but have quarreled from almost the start over whether conservative groups were singled out intentionally.
The controversy intensified last year after the IRS said it couldn't find an untold number of Lerner's emails because of a computer crash, something that also delayed the Senate Finance report. A Treasury inspector general only recently concluded an inquiry that found that the IRS lost as many as 24,000 of Lerner’s emails.
Hatch said Wednesday that "the administration’s political agenda guided the IRS’s actions with respect to their treatment of conservative groups," and that Lerner's own personal views "impacted how the IRS conducted its business."
Wyden, on the other hand, told reporters that "my judgment is this report points to vast bureaucratic bumbling."
"There is not a single shred of political interference," he added.
The Finance Committee's findings are unlikely to relieve any of the partisan tensions surrounding the IRS, which has seen its budget slashed even further in the wake of the congressional investigations.
House Republicans have raised the specter of impeaching the IRS commissioner, John Koskinen, over his handling of the missing Lerner emails. Koskinen himself has said that it was up to the Finance panel to decide whether the IRS singled out conservative groups for political reasons. 
In a statement, the IRS said that it appreciated the Finance Committee's efforts and that the agency would study the report's recommendations.
"The IRS is fully committed to making further improvements, and we want to do everything we can to help taxpayers have confidence in the fairness and integrity of the tax system," the statement added.
Koskinen has also said the IRS will hold off on releasing new proposed rules that would more clearly define political activity for the 501(c)(4) groups at the center of the controversy, to keep from overly influencing the 2016 campaign.
Democrats have said confusion between tax law and current IRS rules helped fuel the improper scrutiny of tax-exempt applications, an idea dismissed by Republicans.
The findings and recommendations that the Republicans and Democrats agreed upon in the new bipartisan report are broad and, in many cases, likely noncontroversial.
The report, for instance, notes that the extra scrutiny given to tax-exempt applicants reduced taxpayer trust in the IRS, that the exempt organizations unit needed a more centralized command structure and that many staffers in that division didn’t have enough training to do their jobs correctly.
Its recommendations include that the IRS do a better job managing the backlog of tax-exempt cases.
But in their own section, Republicans said the IRS did not hold up liberal groups just because of their name, as some Democrats have said.
GOP senators also criticized what they called an overly political culture within the IRS, in which an employee union has so much influence that it “makes it difficult for the agency to remain apolitical.”
And Republicans blasted not only Lerner but the agency’s senior-most officials — including former Commissioner Doug Shulman and former interim Commissioner Steven Miller — for concealing what they knew from Congress for months.
“The report clearly shows that conservative groups were singled out because of their political beliefs, and gross mismanagement at the IRS allowed this practice to continue for years,” Hatch said on the Senate floor Wednesday.
But Wyden said that wasn’t so in his own floor speech Wednesday. The Oregon Democrat said the Finance panel found no documents showing any link between the improper scrutiny and either the White House or Treasury.
On top of that, Wyden said none of the IRS staffers interviewed by the committee talked of any political bias, and that Republicans were unfairly hyping Lerner’s own political views to make their case that the agency targeted Tea Party groups.
Democrats, Wyden said, found no proof that Lerner’s liberal views influenced how she did her job.
“So, Ms. Lerner’s husband voted for socialists, she is a Democrat, she supports same-sex marriage, and she apparently doesn’t have a lot of Republican supporters among her family or friends,” Wyden said. “What is all of this supposed to prove?”

Sunday, August 2, 2015

[OPINION] Carr: You might be a liberal if ... you’re delusional

MOONBAT-MANIA: Secretary of State John F. Kerry attempted to avoid Massachusetts taxes on his yacht by mooring it in Rhode Island.
You may be a liberal if you believe that allowing working people to keep a few more of the dollars they earned themselves is a “boondoggle” and a “gimmick.”
You may be a Massachusetts liberal if you think that the annual sales tax holiday weekend “diverts” money from “education,” by which you mean teachers unions, and from “the MBTA,” by which you mean handouts for T hacks who retired with full pensions at age 41.
By this definition of diversion, every time you drive past a bank and don’t rob it, you have “diverted” the money inside by not stealing it from its rightful owners.
The annual sales tax weekend in Massachusetts was approved by the Legislature last week, but not without some more absurd rhetoric from the hackerama. The solons’ gripe is that not grabbing that extra $25 million from taxpayers to give to non-taxpayers is “throwing it out the window.”
Remember, this is the state that two years ago admitted to annually handing out at least $1.8 billion in welfare to illegal aliens. That of course is money well spent, because it’s for non-working, non-English-speaking non-citizens. What could possibly be fairer than that?
The website American Thinker recently ran a piece headlined, “You May Be a Liberal if….” The point was that moonbat rhetoric is increasingly diverging from reality. I think after this week I can make a few additions to their list.
You may be a liberal if you want to string up the dentist who shot Cecil the Lion, but you think the ghouls at Planned Parenthood all deserve Profiles in Courage awards.
You may be a liberal if you feel you have to apologize for saying “All Lives Matter.”
You may be a liberal if you oppose funding charter schools for inner-city kids even as you send your own children to private schools.
You may be a liberal if you support higher taxes but have directed the trustees of your own trust fund to buy only municipal bonds — tax-free munis, that is.
You may be a liberal if you want to ban Christmas trees from the public square as you simultaneously demand prayer rooms for the new Muslim “refugees” in public schools.
You may be a liberal if you dismiss the coldest, snowiest winter on record as “weather,” but truly believe that two days with temperatures over 90 degrees represent “climate change.”
You may be a liberal if you believe that felons and illegal aliens should be allowed to vote, but not the military.
You may be a liberal if you believe in confiscating legally registered guns from law-abiding citizens, but agree with Barack Obama and Eric Holder that existing federal firearms laws should never, ever be used against inner-city gang-bangers who are actually committing crimes with illegal weapons.
You may be a liberal if you support Obamacare for everyone else, but are outraged when it’s suggested that you yourself might have to eventually give up your own gold-plated health insurance.
You may be a liberal if you believe that George Stephanopoulos and Brian Williams are “journalists.”
You may be a liberal if you support open borders, but live in a gated community.
You may be a liberal if you didn’t care when John Kerry’s second wife’s first husband’s trust fund bought him a $7.5-million yacht, after which he evaded paying Mass. sales taxes or town excise taxes on it, but when Sen. Marco Rubio spent $80,000 on a fishing boat, that was an “extravagant purchase” of a “luxury speedboat,” as the New York Times fulminated.
You may be a liberal if whenever some nut shoots up a movie theater, you automatically believe some lying liberal media outlet like ABC News or the Daily Beast when they falsely report that the perp was a member of the Tea Party.
You may be a liberal if you haven’t attended a candlelight vigil against war and those genocidal CIA drones of George W. Bush since Jan. 20, 2009.
You may be a liberal if you think it’s a front-page hate crime for a cop to defend himself against a charging thug, but when an unemployed drug-dealing Mexican burglar guns down three Native Americans in cold blood on an Indian reservation in Montana — nothing to see here folks, move along.
You may be a liberal if you think John Kerry deserves a Nobel Peace Prize of his own, just like Yasser Arafat and Barack Obama, for giving the mullahs $150 billion to develop their own nuclear weapons.
You most assuredly are a Massachusetts liberal if, after bloviating about how unfair it is to give bitter clingers a sales-tax holiday, you now plan to spend the weekend of Aug. 15-16 shopping till you drop, instead of driving to New Hampshire to beat the sales tax the way you do the other 51 weekends of the year.
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Via: Boston Herald
Continue Reading....

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Thank God Mr. Cruz is in Washington

My email account was on fire, everyone excited about Senator Ted Cruz calling Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell a liar on the Senate floor. Cruz cited each of Obama's unprecedented unlawful power grabs and repeals of our freedoms that the GOP promised to block, only to stab us (We the People/Tea Party) in the back. Immediately, I thought, “Thank God Ted Cruz is in Washington.”

Before I go on, I wish to address a guy whom I will call Ned. Whenever I praise a conservative, Ned emails to correct me, claiming the conservative is a deceitful traitor. When I share reasons for optimism, Ned vehemently disagrees, even seeming a bit angry that I would think our efforts could possibly make a difference in America's corrupt political environment. Ned always sees the glass less than half empty. I guess we need people like Ned to keep us balanced -- although I am not quite sure about that.

Sure enough, in response to patriots' giving Cruz rave reviews for speaking truth to Washington power, Ned ripped into Cruz about questionable votes. Folks, I realize Ted Cruz is not perfect. But then, which presidential candidate is? Jesus is not running for president in 2016.

To a member of the Tea Party since it began, Cruz going down the list of GOP betrayals brought back memories. Remember how we fought and worked our butts off to give the GOP the House, then the Senate? We worked to elect Republicans to stop Obama from rolling out the welcome mat to illegals.

Over a million of us showed up in DC to protest ObamaCare.

I thought about how Obama sent out his liberal mainstream media air force to bomb us with accusations of racism against the first black president; hoping to soften and diminish our ranks. The Tea Party is not racist, nor do we hate anybody

In his speech, Cruz did two things that were quite remarkable. First -- Cruz exposed the good-cop, bad-cop personal and corporate enrichment scam both parties have been playing on the American people. Second -- Cruz spoke with unprecedented clarity. He did not say McConnell misspoke or McConnell was disingenuous. Cruz said McConnell lied.

Newly Recovered Lois Lerner Email Shows IRS Tried To Cover Up Tea Party Targeting

The IRS sent one of its intrusive scrutiny letters to a nonprofit group in order to throw up a smokescreen and prevent the group from complaining to Congress about poor treatment, according to one of Lois G. Lerner’s apparently lost emails, which were recovered by auditors and released by an interest group Tuesday.
Judicial Watch, which sued to force the production of the Lerner emails, said the emails confirm that Ms. Lerner, the central figure in the targeting probe, and her colleagues were aware of the sensitive nature of the cases but appeared to hide details of the massive backlog they were amassing as they held up hundreds of tea party and conservative group applications for nonprofit status.
The IRS turned over 906 pages of emails July 15 to Judicial Watch, a conservative public interest law firm, ahead of a Wednesday court hearing. Judicial Watch concluded that the emails were part of the messages Ms. Lerner lost in a computer malfunction, and released them Tuesday.
“This material shows that the IRS‘ cover-up began years ago,” said Tom Fitton, president of Judicial Watch. “We now have smoking-gun proof that top officials in the Obama IRS unlawfully harassed taxpayers just to keep them from complaining to Congress about IRS‘ targeting and abuse. No wonder the Obama IRS has had such little interest in preserving or finding Lois Lerner’s emails.”
The Lerner emails have become almost as big a scandal as the initial targeting. Ms. Lerner, who was head of the division that scrutinized the tea party applications until she retired while under investigation in 2013, suffered a computer hard drive crash that cost potentially thousands of emails that should have been part of the record.
The IRS took routine steps to try to recover the emails but reported that it was unable to do so.
But the agency’s independent inspector general said it was able to find the messages easily on backup tapes stored at remote locations — and that the IRS never bothered to look for those tapes, even as it was tellingCongress that all possible routes for message recovery had been exhausted.
According to the new emails, Ms. Lerner and her colleagues were aware of the growing outcry among nonprofit groups that they were being delayed.
In one Nov. 3, 2011, exchange between Ms. Lerner and Cindy Thomas, a program manager in the Cincinnati office that was handling the cases and was involved in a back-and-forth with Washington, the IRS admitted to having hundreds of cases stacked up and awaiting action.
Afraid of congressional pressure, Ms. Thomas ordered one of the inquiry letters to be sent, just to prevent one of the organizations being held up from complaining.
“Just today, I instructed one of my managers to get an additional information letter out to one of these organizations — if nothing else to buy time so he didn’t contact his Congressional Office,” she wrote in the email released by Judicial Watch.
Ms. Thomas said she feared a judge would get involved soon and order the IRS to move the applications more quickly.
That email exchange did confirm that IRS employees in Washington were deeply involved in making decisions about the nonprofit groups’ cases.
The IRS initially blamed the Cincinnati office for the glitch.
President Obama last week blamed the targeting scandal not on poor management but on “crummy” legislation he said Congress passed that gave his employees confusing instructions, and on funding cuts. He said the IRS wasn’t able to do its best work as a result.

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