Saturday, June 27, 2015

Hillary Flashback: 'No,' New York Should Not Recognize Same-Sex Marriages

As a senator from New York, Hillary Clinton was staunchly opposed to recognizing same-sex marriage. She expressed that sentiment clearly in this 2002 interview with TV host Chris Matthews (starting at 2:05 mark):
"Let me ask you this about some domestic issues in New York State. This state is always the sort of the social beginnings of so much in this country," liberal host Matthews started. "People come here, a lot of immigrants. The New York Times recently began posting the celebrations of gay unions. Not just straight people getting married, but gay people who want to announce their unions. Do you think New York State should recognize gay marriage?"
Clinton delivered a one-word response: "No."
The crowd booed in response.
Clinton flip-flopped on same-sex marriage in 2013 when she released a recorded video saying she now supported the policy switch.
Via: Weekly Standard
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