Friday, June 26, 2015

Obama Verbally Jousts with an Illegal Transgender

It happened during an embarrassing albeit inclusive gay pride celebration.  In the White House East Room, with a beaming Joe Biden standing at his side, America’s first gay president was mid-sentence when transgender lovely Jennicet Gutiérrez exercised his right to free speech by shouting out in a thick undocumented Spanish accent a list of LGBTQ demands.

Barack Obama, who normally has no problem imposing illegals on the rest of America, was taken aback by the outburst and reminded Mr. Gutiérrez, founder of FAMILIA TQLM, an advocacy group for illegal transgenders, that he was “in his house” and that his attitude was rude and “shameful.”

So wait – you mean the president doesn’t appreciate having to endure the same type of treatment aggressive illegals impose on Americans in grocery stores, on highways, and in taxpayer-funded venues?  And the president really does believe that the White House is literally his house and not the people’s house?

Moreover, does Obama’s shutting down and extraditing Jennicet Gutiérrez also mean that if an illegal disturbs the president’s mojo, despite past statements otherwise, he really does have ways to locate and deport undocumented nuisances from the premises?

Guess so.  But whether he does or he doesn’t, Jennicet Gutiérrez stole the show to make a point.

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