Saturday, June 27, 2015

Christie unveils 2016 campaign website

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) now has a website to tout his 2016 presidential campaign.
Christie’s political operatives launched on Saturday, according to The Associated Press.
The site’s landing page reveals Christie’s slogan of “telling it like it is.”

It also says the site was paid for by “Chris Christie for President, Inc.”
Christie began promoting the new site on Twitter on Saturday morning. His first tweet shows the site’s banner with a gif revealing the webpage’s address word-by-word.
“Hey America, it’s Chris,” he said in his second tweet, again listing the site’s address and hashtagging his new campaign slogan.
Christie is widely expected to formally launch his 2016 Oval Office bid Tuesday in Livingston, N.J.
He reportedly plans on giving his announcement speech at Livingston High School, his alma mater.
Christie is potentially the GOP’s 14th White House competitor next election cycle should he enter the presidential race next week.
He has seen his political standing diminish following negativity towards his role in lane closures on the George Washington Bridge in 2013.
Christie has repeatedly denied a role in the move, which accusers say was made to exact political revenge on his rivals.
He currently places ninth nationally in the RealClearPolitics average of national polls of next year’s GOP White House hopefuls.
That ranking is critical, since early GOP presidential debates will separate the top ten candidates from the rest of the field.
Christie is planning a New Hampshire town hall after his 2016 entrance Tuesday, according to the Associated Press.

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