Friday, August 9, 2013

[]VIDEO] The Five Takes On Obama’s ‘Placebo’ Press Conference

The hosts of The Five mostly agreed thatPresident Obama’s Friday afternoon press conference, which mainly covered issues of national security was too little, too late. Fox & Friends’ Steve Doocy, who was filling in for Greg Gutfeld, called it a “placebo” press conference that failed to address the big issues of the day in a substantive way.
Bob Beckel was the one hold-out, who thought the president did “very good job” despite that fact it was three weeks too late and it did not “convince” him to embrace the NSA.
Doocy did think it was “great” that Obama addressed the NSA with his new four-point plan, but he said despite all that, the government is still going collect “trillions of our phone calls and our e-mails and this is just a placebo press conference so that it goes away.”
Eric Bolling said after watching the press conference, he still believes Obama is “clearly violating the Constitution” with the NSA surveillance programs. Later, he said, “I am so darn tired of President Obama hiding behind the Patriot Act. This is the Patriot Act on steroids, on human growth hormone… The Patriot Act was passed with certain parameters and this blows those parameters out of the water.”
Watch video below, via Fox News:

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