Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Clinton Foundation Donor Wants His $1.5M Back In Sex Abuse Case

Hillary Clinton, left, and John Podesta, her Democratic presidential campaign chairman, right, are players in an emerging scandal involving Swiss billionaire Hans Wyss, center. (Sources: Clinton/Podesta, Getty. Wyss, Forbes.com)
Attorneys representing Clinton Foundation donor and Swiss billionaire Hansjorg Wyss are seeking his pound of flesh from Jacqueline Long, a woman who has publicly accused him of sexual abuse.
The high-profile Democratic donor’s attorneys filed a petition Aug. 4 seeking “harsh sanctions” against the Colorado woman following a June 8 The Daily Caller News Foundation article that reported her allegations. They claim Long violated the confidentiality provision of a $1.5 million settlement agreement the two signed in May 2013.
The Court of Common Pleas in Philadelphia has scheduled a hearing this morning to determine the next step in the long-running saga.
The latest chapter began last December when Wyss gave a $5 million commitment to the Clinton Foundation’s No Ceilings project to help women and girls, an effort personally championed by Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.
At the time, no one knew that Wyss had executed a $1.5 million settlement, in part over Long’s allegations he had sexually abused her.
Wyss’ attorneys asked the Philadelphia court to order Long to reimburse him for the $1.5 million he paid in the settlement, as well $68,000 in attorney fees, and a daily fine of $200 until payment is completed. Wyss also asked the court to imprison Long if she fails pay in full within 30 days.
Neither Wyss nor his lawyers have publicly denied Long’s abuse charges. Wyss attorney Carolyn Short merely described Long as a “disgruntled employee.”
Long was an employee of his HJW Foundation and his California vineyard. Her attorney alleged a week before the 2013 settlement that the case was about “personal physical injuries and physical sickness she suffered literally at the hands of Mr. Wyss.”

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