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Saturday, June 6, 2015

[CARTOON] The Clinton Zapper

Friday, May 29, 2015

EXCLUSIVE: 'Don't let Bill back in the White House, he abused women and he'll do it again.' Paula Jones warns against voting for Hillary - because she also lied about sex case which almost cost him presidency

Back in the spotlight: Paula Jones, at her home in Little Rock, Arkansas, tells Daily Mail Online she does not believe either of the Clintons is worthy of returning to the White House because of his history with women
She was the woman who almost brought down the president, with her allegations of sexual harassment.

But 21 years after Paula Jones accused Bill Clinton of lurid behavior, she is speaking out against Hillary and insisting that his wife is not fit to be President either - because of her husband's history of bad behavior.

In an exclusive interview with Daily Mail Online Jones delivers her own verdict on Hillary's bid to become president, saying that her husband's attitude towards women disqualifies Bill from re-entering the White House - while what she calls Hillary's 'lies' disqualify her from the Oval Office.

'There is no way that she did not know what was going on, that women were being abused and accosted by her husband,' she says. 'They have both lied.'

Jones, 48, became a national figure when in 1994 she sued President Clinton for sexual harassment after an incident in an Arkansas hotel room three years earlier.

Her lawsuit led to Clinton's affair with Monica Lewinsky being uncovered and led to Clinton being impeached, accused of lying about the nature of his relationship with the White House intern.

Via: Daily Mail UK

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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Mr. Bill: 'Who You Gonna Believe, Me Or Your Lying Eyes'?

When a bull or a bucking bronc rider at a rodeo gets thrown from the saddle, out comes the rodeo clown to distract both the animal and the audience while the fallen rider is pulled to safety.

Bill Clinton's speech last night was something like that. After a disastrous day and an excruciatingly shrill, boring evening, Mr. Bill jumped into the arena to try and save the show, and no one can say he didn't do his level best. Even when you realized what he was saying was chock full of misstatements, half truths and a devious agenda of his own, you had to admire his showmanship, his delivery and his ability to play the Charlotte crowd like Jimi Hendrix mauling a stratocaster.

His only fault from a performance standpoint is that he went on far to long, speaking on past 11 PM, tiring the crowd and probably losing a decent portion of the TV audience before the last coda and the boffo finish.  But then, Mr. Bill was always overfond of the sound of his own voice. 

Bill Clinton had a few tasks Wednesday night, and he certainly succeeded with his target audience at the DNC, if perhaps not so much with the rest of the world. First, he had to make a case for Barack Obama, a man he doesn't particularly care for but whom he's bound to support as a loyal party warrior because he wants the same people he was speaking to tonight to support Hillary Clinton in 2016. 

For that matter, this had the aura of a business transaction because, as the New Yorker's Ryan Lizza revealed, part of the price for Bill Clinton getting involved was Barack Obama finally fulfilling a promise he made to the Clintons back in 2008, to pay off Hillary's quarter million dollar campaign debt from the primaries she incurred that year.

For his own purposes he wanted to remind Democrats and the country at large of how good things were economically under the Clintons to pave the for a Hillary candidacy in 2016, something the Obama Campaign is more or less forced to go along with because of President Obama's own abysmal record. 

Via: American Thinker

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