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Saturday, August 15, 2015

What If Martin O'Malley or Bernie Sanders Disobeys the DNC on Debates?

When the Democratic National Committee first announced in May it would sanction six primary debates in 2016 and punish candidates who went to unsanctioned events, the party said the schedule was “consistent with the precedent set by the DNC during the 2004 and 2008 cycles.”
In both of those cycles, the DNC also only sanctioned six debates. But those elections were filled with dozens of unsanctioned debates, too, that started at least six months earlier than the DNC plans to kick off its debate season this year, on Oct. 13.
That frenzy is what the committee is trying to prevent from happening this year, and it's what lower-ranking candidates, who would benefit from more chances to appear in nationally televised debates on the same stage as front-runner Hillary Clinton, are rebelling against. Senator Bernie Sanders said he’s “disappointed” with the schedule, while former Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley called it “unprecedented” and “outrageous.”
“The DNC may threaten to keep somebody out of a future debate, but it isn’t their invitation.”
Alan Schroeder, a journalism professor at Northeastern University
Maybe the solution for lower-polling candidates isn’t to push the DNC to sanction more debates, says Kathleen Jamieson, a University of Pennsylvania professor of communications who has studied and written about presidential debates and political rhetoric. “O’Malley’s attacking the wrong villain,” Jamieson said. “If anyone wants to stand up and sponsor a debate and the candidates want to go to it, you’ll have a debate that the DNC hasn’t sanctioned.”
For example, if a Spanish-language television network said it was going to host two debates, one for Democrats and one for Republicans, Jamieson says it is likely the candidates would ignore the rules set by their committees. “They would accept and go, regardless of whether the RNC and DNC said yes or no, because they want to reach the Hispanic vote,” she said. 
O’Malley appears to be hinting he would do just that. In a memo released Tuesday, O’Malley legal counsel Joe Sandler challenged the DNC's exclusion rule, which says that if a candidate attends an unsanctioned debate, they will be barred from future DNC primary debates. The rule is “legally unenforceable,” Sandler said, and if candidates attended an unsanctioned debate, “it is highly unlikely that any of those sponsors of the sanctioned debates would ultimately be willing to enforce that ‘exclusivity’ requirement.” 
Alan Schroeder, a journalism professor at Northeastern University and the author of Presidential Debates: 50 Years of High-Risk TV, agrees, noting that on the Republican side, it has been the debate hosts, not the Republican National Committee, that set the rules for the debates. “The DNC may threaten to keep somebody out of a future debate, but it isn’t their invitation,” he said.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

[VIDEO] O'Malley says Dems 'outrageous' for limiting debates

Former Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley continued to rail against the Democratic National Committee Monday for limiting the number of primary debates to six during the 2016 campaign.
Appearing on "Andrea Mitchell Reports," O'Malley blasted the DNC for their "outrageous" decision to cut down on the number of debates from 20 in 2008 to six this cycle.
"My message to the party is this: We're making a big mistake as Democrats if we try to limit debate and have an undemocratic process," O'Malley told host Andrea Mitchell. "There were 24 million people who tuned in to the Republican debate, and there were very few ideas that would serve our nation moving forward that were offered in that debate.
O'Malley says Dems 'outrageous' for limiting debates | Washington Examiner

Appearing on "Andrea Mitchell Reports," O'Malley blasted the DNC for their "outrageous" decision to cut down on the number of debates from 20 in 2008 to six this cycle. (AP Photo) 
"It was like the greatest hits of the 80s and the 90s. What our party has to offer are the actual ideas that will move our country forward that will get wages to go up again instead of down. That will move us to a 100 percent clean energy future, and create 500 million jobs along the way."
"Shame on us as a party if the DNC tries to limit debate and prevents us from being able to put forward a better path for our people that will make the economy work for all of us again," O'Malley said. "So I believe we need more debates — not fewer debates, and I think it's outrageous, actually, that the DNC would try to make this process decidedly undemocratic by telling Iowa and New Hampshire that they can only have one debate before they make a decision."
"This election's too important to cut off debate," O'Malley argued. "People want debate, Andrea. They don't want a coronation."
The former Maryland governor has struggled to gain traction in the 2016 primary thus far. According to the latest RealClearPolitics national polling average, O'Malley pulls only 1.6 percent support. Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton continues to lead with 55 percent support, while Sen. Bernie Sanders snags 19 percent. In addition, Vice President Joe Biden, who will likely announce his 2016 intentions in September, is at 12 percent.

Monday, August 27, 2012

All-Out Marxist Media Assault on Romney/Ryan begins with Gusto!

First and foremost—lest I forget—both the presidential and vice-presidential “debates” questioning of Romney, Obama, Ryan and Biden will be moderated by the most leftist “journalists” who inhabit the alphabet network stables. To top it off, the sole vice-presidential debate’ “moderator”—Martha Raddatz—was married to Obama FCC appointee Julius Genachowski whom the Daily Caller reports: “Genachowski and classmate Barack Obama worked together on the Harvard Law Review, Genachowski as notes editor and Obama as the publication’s president. They graduated in the same class.”

Note: This year, the media bias appears to be greater than ever…if that’s even possible.
The Marxist media have been passing on each and every Obama syndicate (which includes all White House staff and all Democrats in Congress) unsubstantiated negative story (aka “lie”) perpetrated against both Romney and Ryan. Long after they have been proven false, the media (including—of course—CNN and MSNBC) continue to float and “report on” these concocted yarns and tall-tales that Romney (while Governor of Massachusetts) outsourced jobs to India, caused a woman with no health insurance to develop and die from Cancer (not only did she have health insurance but, the entire premise of the ObamaAD appears to have been manufactured by Obama operative Stephanie Cutter illegally in conjunction with an Obama SuperPac) and—another lie delivered via Ms. Cutter—that Romney lied to the SEC and is a felon.

Note: As with all Marxists and other totalitarian aficionados, at some point it becomes almost impossible to keep up with their contrived lies. This is what they count on occurring.
However, with regards to the upcoming debates, we suspect the questioning may go a little like this:

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