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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Scarborough Thanks MSNBC Boss for Booting Liberal Hosts

The morning after Al Sharpton was booted to the Sunday morning desert from his evening show, and not long after Ed Schultz and Alex Wagner were relieved of their hosting duties, Joe Scarborough has profusely thanked NBC News honcho Andrew Lack for making those changes. 

On today's Morning Joe, Scarborough was discussing stunning poll results in which the first word that came to voters' minds about Hillary was "liar."  Asked what was the worst thing said about him in such polling, Scarborough said "he works for MSNBC was always the worst." But Joe then added, his hands steepled in a gesture of gratefulness: "not any more though, cause things have changed. Thank you, Andy. Thank you very much." 

MARK HALPERIN: They asked an open question: what's the first word you think of when you're asked the name of a presidential candidate? The leading answer for Hillary Clinton was "liar." The leading answer for Trump was "arrogant." And the leading word for Jeb Bush, Bush. 
JOE SCARBOROUGH: That may be a problem. 
NICOLLE WALLACE: It may be, it may not be. I mean, Bush is also the last name of one of our most popular former presidents, Bush 41, his father. I think the Republican primary voters are well aware of that. I would rather be known as Bush than a liar. 
OE: Or arrogant. These are unprompted by the way. These questions, though, what happens is they ask in these polls, what. It's the part of these polls that always scared me the most because they were the most instructive. They're called verbates. 
WALLACE: Like a focus group.
JOE: What's the first thing you think of when you think of Joe Scarborough. And then you have to sit there and read the sentences, and you go oh, my God!
MIKA BRZEZINSKI: How did you do? What were some of the worst? 
JOE: He works for MSNBC. That was always the worst. Not any more, though, because things have changed. Thank you, Andy. That was the past, this is the now. Thank you, very much.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Scarborough to The View: Republicans ‘Too Obsessed’ with ‘Hating Obama’

With his new book The Right Path to promote, there was Joe Scarborough acting as guest co-host on The View Tuesday morning. And the MSNBC host had plenty to say about the current state of his Republican Party, including the belief that the GOP is “too obsessed” with “hating on” President Barack Obama.
Scarborough began by laying out the premise of his book, in which he says the GOP needs a new Ronald Reagan-esque figure to lead the party into the future. He said the real problem is that “we’ve been conducting ideological witch hunts in our party. If you don’t agree with everybody on 100% of the issues, somehow you’re out.”
Much of the discussion surrounded New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, who many view as a possible frontrunner for the 2016 presidential nomination. “The fact is, people that would judge Chris Christie because he hugged Barack Obama, first of all, they’re too obsessed on hating Barack Obama,” Scarborough said. He recounted that, as much he disliked former President Bill Clinton, when the president came to his district after a hurricane, he didn’t hesitate to hug him. “So Chris Christie hugged Barack Obama, get over it!” he said.
As for Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), Scarborough said he “has the same problem Sarah Palin has. About twice as many people have an unfavorable opinion as a favorable opinion. we have to figure out how to flip that around.”
Scarborough also surprised the hosts when he said he could see himself voting for a Democrat for president. “I mean, if we keep going in this direction, you know, I would,” he said. “I haven’t had to actually try that theory out yet, and hopefully our party will turn things around.”
Finally, Scarborough weighed in on the Affordable Care Act, saying, “I’m not going to endorse Obamacare right here.” But, he added, “If you don’t like Obamacare, then guess what? Let’s actually win elections and we’re only going to win elections if we come up to an alternative to Obamacare.”

Friday, October 18, 2013

]VIDEO] Former Obama Official Warns Americans: 'Back Off' Opposition To Obamacare

It was enough to make a conservative yearn for the good old Bush-era days of "Dissent Is Patriotic" . . .

For there on Morning Joe today was former Obama official Melody Barnes, warning Americans to "back off" their Reagan-inspired opposition to big government in general and Obamacare in particular.  Instead, instructed Barnes, Americans should focus on making Obamacare work. View the video after the jump.

Joe Scarborough was having none of it, asking why he should back off opposing something that he and millions of other Americans, thinks is harmful to the country. Opposing Obamacare is not "unpatriotic", observed Scarborough.

MELODY BARNES: It is to everyone's benefit that people back off of what was the Reagan administration legacy that government is bad, government workers are bad and think about how we're going to make this work because what we've seen time and time again with Katrina and moving forward is if we don't have an effective federal government people get hurt. In fact people can die.

JOE SCARBOROUGH: Hold on a second. why would I back off if I think health care policy is bad for the country in the the long run, the federal government is not competent enough to run it, and the launch has been terrible. Sam Stein asks the question are Republicans going to do their best to help this implementation? No, I don't think they are. And I don't think it means they are unpatriotic if they don't. Obviously what happened over the past few weeks, Sam, absolutely idiotic and self-defeating but why should the Republicans say hey listen we want to help you implement a program that we think will end private insurance over the next decade? That goes against everything I believe and millions and millions of Americans believe.
Via: Newsbusters
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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Scarborough slams Obama for harsh partisanship in post-Navy Yard shooting speech [VIDEO]

Joe Scarborough went on a three-minute rant about President Barack Obama Tuesday morning after the president used a White House address on Monday to slam Republicans immediately after the Navy Yard shooting tragedy in Washington, D.C.
From the backdrop to the content of the speech, the MSNBC host insisted Obama’s remarks were poorly timed and very insensitive.
“It was props — he brought his props along and he had this political,” Scarborough said. “And it was a harsh, partisan speech from the president of the United States on any day. But you know what? This president is frustrated and there is — he certainly has every right to do that. But on the day while people were hiding, while people were bleeding, while people were dying, while the nation was locked in on this — he’s talking about harsh partisanship and Republicans wanting to hurt people.”
“Mike [Barnicle], what is more partisan than not being able to put aside one of these stupid Washington battles — [postponing it] for a day,” Scarborough continued. “Never came under consideration. Never considered it. There’s not one person in the White House that said, ‘You know right down the block, people are dying right now and there’s a gunman on the loose and there’s local schools shutdown. The Capitol is on shutdown. And there may be a second or third gunman. And you know what? Maybe we’ll just give this speech tomorrow.’ Really, nobody even considered that? You believe Jay Carney — it never came under consideration? It’s unbelievable.”

He went on to ask what if it had been any other president, particularly George W. Bush, who was a favorite foil of MSNBC personalities throughout his second term.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Scarborough's Surprising Support For Voter ID Laws

Joe Scarborough is frequently panned in these parts for his propensity to pummel his presumably fellow Republicans.  So it's noteworthy when the Morning Joe host goes after the left for a change.

It happened on today's show, when Scarborough defended voter ID laws, saying most Americans don't think it's racist to require a photo ID when you show up to vote. and scalding the left for trying fit to politicians in North Carolina and Texas with symbolic KKK hoods.   Scarborough even forced a clearly reluctant Mike Allen of Politico to ultimately acknowledge his point.  View the video after the jump.
Via: Newsbusters

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