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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Three ways Obama and Kim Jong Un are eerily similar

I’m not really sure who’s emulating whom, or if it’s just a creepy coincidence, but have you noticed how our own Dear Leader, Barack Obama, shares some eery similarities with North Korea’s leader, Kim Jong Un? We’ve come up with three so far.
1. Very secretive youth.
There seem to be information gaps in both Obama’s and Kim’s formative years.
Apparently no official biography on Kim has ever been released, so the only known information on his early life comes from those who have defected from North Korea or people who have claimed to have seen him abroad. He apparently studied in Switzerland in several schools where he was described as an ambitious student who liked basketball, but his grades and attendance ratings were poor.
Of course we’re well-aware of the question marks surrounding Obama’s younger years, including his druggie days as member of the Choom Gang, the nature of his travel to Pakistan, and most recently, the stinging criticism from a University of Chicago professor who said “the other professors hated him because he was lazy, unqualified, never attended any of the faculty meetings.”
2. Passion for basketball
High school friends of Kim noted that he “worshipped NBA players” and proudly showed off pictures of himself with Toni Kukoc of the Chicago Bulls and Kobe Bryant of the Los Angeles Lakers.
And unless you’ve been living under a rock, you must be well aware of Kim’s much publicized bromance with Dennis Rodman.
Of Obama’s obsession with basketball, the Washington Post said breathlessly, “to say that President Obama loves basketball understates the role of the sport in his life. He has been devoted to the game for 40 years now, ever since the father he did not know and never saw again gave him his first ball during a brief Christmastime visit. Basketball is central to his self identity. It is global yet American-born, much like him. It is where he found a place of comfort, a family, a mode of expression, a connection from his past to his future. With foundation roots in the Kansas of his white forebears, basketball was also the city game, helping him find his way toward blackness, his introduction to an African American culture that was distant to him when he was young yet his by birthright.”
Um, really? I feel a bit queasy right now.
3. Purging the military
We’ve written here on many occasions about how Obama seems to be doing his best to dramatically reduce the might and strength of our military. Estimates of how many officers have been relieved of command since he took office range around the 200 mark with at least nine generals and 157 Air Force majors losing their posts.
Kim also seems intent on purging his top brass, except instead of just firing them, he fires AT them.
We reported recently about the official executed for falling asleep in a meeting.  Hyon Yong-Choi was apparently blasted by an anti-aircraft gun in front of a gallery of observers.
“In the latest cull, the North Korean despot is said to have ordered the death of his vice armed forces minister, So Hong-chan, and several others close to him for not following his orders.” 
So that’s our top three…for now. Please let us know if we’ve left anything on the list.

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