Sunday, December 8, 2013


Remember the billowing cloud of spin that poured from the Administration over the weekend, declaring that the ObamaCare exchange system was a billion zillion percent improved?  The media largely accepted this uncritically and passed it along as “news,” even though it took less than 24 hours to discover it wasn’t true.  The federal exchange site crashed on the same day all those triumphant “ is fixed!” dispatches were being written.  The local exchange in Washington, D.C. went down even harder, leading to mass emails to Congressional staffwarning them about system outages.
Of course, this is no problem for the personal staff of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV), because he won them a priceless Ruling Class exemption from using the exchanges altogether.  But everyone else who works for Congress started getting a bit nervous… until they got the kind of insurance extension the rest of ObamaCare-ravaged America can only dream about.  Audrey Hudson reports for the Colorado Observer:
Members of Congress and their staff will be allowed to keep their health insurance past the end of the year deadline because of persistent problems plaguing the DC Health Link, The Colorado Observer has learned.
A memo issued to House staffers Thursday night said that the Obama administration has been made aware of the “significant problems preventing members and staff in Washington, D.C. and in district offices from enrolling in a healthcare plan.”
The memo from Chief Administrative Officer of the House Dan Strodel said that while they are awaiting a decision to keep the enrollment time open past Dec. 9, health insurance coverage would be extended through Jan. 31.

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