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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Ousted Dem’s campaign manager calls for vote fraud investigation

Jon Caldara, the president of the Independence Institute, is the target of a criminal complaint submitted to the Colorado attorney general’s office.
Caldara made headlines by switching his voter registration from Boulder to Colorado Springs — roughly 100 miles away — so that he could “vote” in the Sept. 10 recall election. He cast a blank ballot.
But his larger point was to show that a new Democratic-sponsored election reform law that allowed him to do so was ripe for abuse. It allows people to register as late as Election Day and to affirm that they intend to make the district their permanent home, even if they “moved” to the district that day.
Caldara and others have pointed out that such a promise is impossible to enforce. Shortly before the election, he rented a room in a friend’s house in Colorado Springs, told elections officials that he planned to make it his permanent home and was allowed to cast a ballot.
“I’ll see what the town is like,” Caldara told reporters when he voted. “I’ve heard great things about it. I’m looking forward to checking out Colorado Springs.”
Later, however, he changed his mind and decided to continue living in Boulder, according to The Colorado Independent. The website reported that recent floods convinced him to keep his Boulder residence in order to be close to his children.
“Not only did I intend to move to Colorado Springs, I did move to Colorado Springs,” he’s quoted as saying in a statement responding to the article.
At least one person doubts his sincerity — John Morse’s campaign manager, Christy Le Lait, who filed a complaint with the local district attorney, who forwarded it to the Colorado Attorney General John Suthers.
Via: Daily Caller

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