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Thursday, September 5, 2013


Earlier this week, President Barack Obama reframed his “red line” rhetoric in regards to Syria and the use of chemical weapons, saying it was the “world,” not him, that “set a red line.”
Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh on Thursday expressed his disbelief at the claim, which he called “psychopathic.” According to the online Merriam-Webster dictionary, “psychopathic” is defined as: “of, relating to, or characterized by psychopathy or antisocial personality disorder.”
Limbaugh is not alone in his confusion over the statement.
Obama last year clearly stated that Syria would cross a “red line” that would “change my equation” if he used chemical weapons on his own people.
“This is some ‘pathic’ – psychopathic,” Limbaugh said. “He drew the red line, then he said he didn’t, then he said his credibility [isn't] on the line, it’s Congress’ fault because they’re the ones who passed a resolution decades ago against the use of chemical weapons. So yeah, it’s the Republicans fault.”
The conservative radio host went on to say that President Obama’s handling of Syria and the so-called “red line” is “dangerous” and “not cool.”
“It’s not brilliant politics, it’s not Obama cleverly outwitting his opponents,” he added. “He’s president of the United States, he’s not up to it. He doesn’t want the job. He doesn’t want the responsibility, not with something like this. He’ll be glad to raise your taxes and control your life with health care — he doesn’t want all this. It’s too messy.”
Listen to the segment via the Daily Rushbo below:

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

FEMA, W.H. send storm victims to Internet

When President Barack Obama urged Americans under siege from Hurricane Sandy to stay inside and keep watch on for the latest, he left out something pretty important — where to turn if the electricity goes out.
Despite the heightened expectation of widespread power and cable television failures, everyone from the president to local newscasters seem to expect the public to rely entirely on the Internet and their TVs for vital news and instructions.

None of the major cable or local news channels put emergency phone numbers or key radio station frequencies on their screens. The only phone-related instructions on the homepage of is how to get monthly disaster-prep text messages. The Federal Emergency Management Agency told the public via Twitter to use texts and social media outlets to stay informed.

TV and radio are still the primary methods of getting information about Hurricane Sandy to the public, but social media are increasingly important to those efforts, FEMA chief Craig Fugate said Monday.

“With these types of storms, you get a lot of this is going to be carried out through the traditional TV and radio media,” Fugate told reporters on a conference call. “But we’re using a lot more social media, we’re using everything from Facebook to Twitter. I think there’s a higher degree of awareness that people have of the storm is coming and what the impacts are going to be.”

Via: Politico

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