Friday, June 12, 2015

Labor Department Employee Looked At Porn For HOURS Every Day

A Department of Labor (DOL) official looked at porn for hours every single day and wasn’t fired for months.
The Daily Caller first reported that a DOL “Grade 14 employee” — who made between $107,325 and $139,523 per year on the taxpayer dime — was caught looking at pornography at work on his official government computer.
Now new information has emerged on the porn-watcher and his obsessive, libidinous habits.
The Daily Mail obtained redacted copies of DOL inspector general reports through a Freedom of Information Act request that detail the employee’s self-confessed porn addiction.
The worker “downloaded a voluminous amount of adult pornographic movies and images,” according to the reports.
He also “entered the name of actress Alyssa Milano on [his] computer and pornographic sites appeared.”
His porn-watching was all-consuming. The employee “visited pornographic sites for several hours a day.”
His habits were first noticed by a colleague in August 2014, but the employee was not fired for another four months.
DOL could have vetted the porn addict before he ever started getting taxpayer money. According to the reports, the employee was fired from a previous job for “accessing sites with women wearing little clothing.”
Alyssa Milano, 42, was a regular on the television series “Who’s The Boss” before appearing nude in films, according to the Daily Mail report.
It is unclear whether the employee ever pursued his work habit to completion.

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