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Sunday, December 8, 2013

[VIDEO] Watch the Terrifying ‘War on Christmas’ Ad That’s Been Airing on Fox and MSNBC

If you thought Sarah Palin was the fiercest fighter in the war against the War on Christmas, think again. The four-year-old girl who stars in a new ad that’s been popping up on Fox News and MSNBC over the past week has Palin beat.
The ad, which was produced by St. Mary’s Parish of Barnegat, New Jersey, features a young girl only identified as “Amy” who goes from smiling to frowning to screaming to laughing over the course of 30 seconds as the voiceover warns that “not everyone is OK” with her celebrating Christmas. The full narration reads:
“This is Amy. She lives in America. She’s free to smile to show she’s happy. Everyone’s OK with this.
Amy is a Christian. She’s also free to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ to show she’s happy. But not everyone is OK with this.
We are one nation under God. No man owns Amy’s happiness. No man will define how she shows it.”
If you live in New York or New Jersey and watch a lot of cable news, chances are you’ve seen the ad. If not, you’re in for quite a treat. Is this a genuine fight against the War on Christmas? Some elaborate form of satire in the vein of Stephen Colbert‘s “Blitzkrieg on Grinchitude”? Either way, it should help inspire/amuse you this holiday season.
Watch video below, via Fox News:

Monday, August 26, 2013

WATCH: Local News Host Rips Democrats For Refusing to Appear on His Show

If you thought Fox and MSNBC were the only place you could find opinionated news hosts delivering brutal attacks on politicians, you’ve never seen North Dakota’s “6:30 Point of View” with Chris Berg. Last week, Berg absolutely ripped apart Democrats Senator Heidi Heitkamp and Congressman Collin Peterson for declining his repeated interview requests.

Berg began by thanking the state’s Republican senator, John Hoeven for sitting down for an interview with him earlier that day. “You have to give him kudos for coming in, taking your questions on Facebook, answering the tough questions about what you want to hear about,” Berg said before moving on to some other politicians who he thinks could take a page out of Hoeven’s book.
He began with Heitkamp, who he said told the station her schedule was too busy for an interview, despite the fact that she has held no town hall meetings during her August recess. He mocked Heitkamp’s recent “Twitter panel,” saying, “we know how rampant Twitter is in North Dakota. Everybody’s on Twitter here in North Dakota, aren’t they?. What a joke, that is ridiculous. She can’t come in here for 15 minutes to spend time with you, her constituents and answer questions? That’s embarrassing.” He challenged her to come on any time and even offered to pay for the satellite fees from Washington.
Berg was even tougher on Peterson, calling him out for not returning the station’s calls or emails. “You’re up for re-election coming up in 2014, and you know the NRCC has a target on you, saying ‘you ain’t gonna win,’” Berg said. “I know you’ve been there forever. You think this is your seat, you own it. Guess what, you work for it’s people here in the valley. Show up!”
With a clip like this, could cable news be in Berg’s future?
Watch video below, via KXJB-TV:

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

MSNBC President: 'This Channel Has Never Been the Voice of Obama. Ever.'

In an interview with the Huffington Post, MSNBC president Phil Griffin tries to push back against the notion that his channel has become a mouth-piece for President Barack Obama.
"This channel has never been the voice of Obama. Ever," Griffin tells Michael Calderone of the Huffington Post.  But, Calderone writes, "Griffin acknowledges that his hosts are more likely to agree with Obama on policy matters than with Republicans, but rejects comparisons to Fox News."
"People want to talk about Fox. Fox is the voice of the Republican Party," says Griffin to Calderone.
Griffin does, however, acknowledge to the left-leaningHuffington Post that many folks working at MSNBC have a "progressive sensibility."
"We hire smart people with a progressive sensibility. ... I tell them to go think for themselves. We don't have talking points," says Griffin.
The MSNBC president pledges to make sure Obama keeps "his campaign promises."
"We're going to hold Obama to his campaign promises," says Griffin. "And the fact is, there are many things that some of our hosts support him on. But basically, we have a standard, whether it's the war on terror or getting out of Afghanistan: Is he going to live up to his campaign promises?"
And Griffin compliments his employees for being "really smart" and not going "over the top" during the 2012 presidential campaign.
"What I really believe is we analyzed this election in a really smart way and we didn't go over the top,"Griffin tells Huffington Post. "We weren't just shilling for Obama. We were really smart. And people are responding to that now."

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Fox News Has Highest Telecast Ever with Final Presidential Debate

NBC was the most-watched network for the final presidential debate last night with 12.391 million viewers tuning in. ABC was next with 11.730 million, according to Nielsen Fast National numbers. But the 11.474 million that watched on Fox News were enough to give the network its most-watched telecast ever. Fox News’s previous record was set in 2008 when VP nominees Gov. Sara Palin and Sen. Joe Biden debated. On that night 11.098 million watched. Fox News also topped CBS and beat the combined viewership of MSNBC and CNN.
On the three cable and three broadcast networks the debate was watched by 53.9 million people. The total will likely be down from the two previous debates when all networks are added up. The candidates faced stiff competition from Monday Night Football on ESPN (10.66 million viewers) and Game 7 of the NLCS on FOX (8.1 million viewers).
  • Broadcast Fast Nationals 9-10:34pm:
NBC: 12,391,341 in total viewers / 5,839,648 in 25-54
ABC: 11,730,247 in total viewers / 4,361,952 in 25-54
CBS: 8,437,098 in total viewers / 3,564,135 in 25-54
  • Broadcast post-Debate analysis 10:34-11pm
NBC: 9.327 million total viewers / 3.6 rating in 25-54
ABC: 8.052 million total viewers /2.6 rating in 25-54
CBS: 6.167 million total viewers / 2.3 rating in 25-54
  • Cable coverage 9:00-10:30pm:
FNC: 11,474,835 in total viewers  /3,433,142 in 25-54
CNN: 5,808,405 in total viewers  /2,475,772 in 25-54
MSNBC: 4,063,673 in total viewers / 1,701,793 in 25-54
  • Cable primetime 8:00-11:00pm
FNC: 9,068,124 in total viewers / 2,586,259 in 25-54
CNN: 4,374,775 in total viewers / 1,833,421 in 25-54
MSNBC: 3,295,125 in total viewers / 1,345,369 in 25-54

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