Friday, August 30, 2013

The Chicago way? Illinois officials under fire for ObamaCare contracts

Making ObamaCare a reality will require massive computing power to track, store and process the millions of individual cases.

But in Illinois, contracts to compute that state’s cases – valued as high as $190 million – are being awarded without competitive bidding.

The practice already has watchdogs crying foul.

“No transparency and with no bidding -- if that’s legal in Illinois, It shouldn’t be.” said Adam Andrzejewski of, a watchdog group.

“To the extent that is happening across the country, the citizens need to know it.”

“It has the hallmarks of everything that is Chicago and also Illinois, which is totally imprudent and not the best practices,” says Illinois Republican State Senator Ron Sandack.

Illinois cases are stored and processed in the Medicaid Management Information System or MMIS. The Department of Health and Family Services describes the 30-year-old system as antiquated and needing an upgrade to handle the massive case load expected from ObamaCare.

A company from Gaithersburg, Maryland, Client Network Services Incorporated or CNSI, already has a contract in Michigan to perform similar services.

Via: Fox News Politics

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