Saturday, August 31, 2013

Weekly Republican Address: Rep. Fitzpatrick: President's Policies, Obamacare Damaging Workforce

President Barack Obama and Rep. Mike Fitzpatrick agreed in weekly addresses on Saturday -- themed for the Labor Day holiday -- that America's workforce isn't where it should be.

But while the president said his administration's policies are helping the economy and workforce rebound, Fitzpatrick, in the weekly GOP address, said those policies are what is hurting workers. 

"Nearly five years into the Obama presidency, the workers who drive our economy see nothing but roadblocks coming out of Washington," said Fitzpatrick, a Pennsylvania Republican. "But the president is still pushing more of the same tax hikes and ‘stimulus’-style policies that have left us with weak job growth, high prices, and stagnant paychecks. Again we have to ask: why?"

And Obama, in his weekly radio address, agreed that "any working family will tell you, we’re not where we need to be."

The president said that for more than a decade, "working Americans have seen their wages and incomes stagnate, even as corporate profits soar and the pay of a fortunate few explodes. For even longer than that, inequality has steadily risen; the journey of upward mobility has become harder."

The president said that he's been laying out his ideas for rebuilding the middle class, including "more chances for folks to earn their way into the middle class as long as they’re willing to work for it."

But Fitzpatrick said that nearly five years into Obama's presidency, workers are seeing nothing but roadblocks -- especially Obamacare -- coming out of Washington.

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