Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Gore, Obama and Socialist LibDems Back on Big Lies Again

Science derives its objectivity from robust logic, honest evidence, not just those paid to support administration's version of Global Warming, Climate Change, Climate Disruption

They’re baaaaaaaack.  The people from the left, or as they say more properly in Latin, la sinistra, or ‘sinister ones’, are back at their lies, cheating, duplicity and sheer untrustworthiness.

As Jennifer G. Hickey writes online in on 18 May 2014 in ‘Scientists Rebut White House Global Warming Claims’, “A group of independent scientists, economists and meteorologists has issued a pointed response to the scientific foundation of the Obama administration’s claims that humans are drastically changing the climate by burning fossil fuels.”

I am personally pleased that the Libs, the “lyin left” as we so better know them, have stopped blaming George W. Bush for all the imaginary visions these people suffer through just to not have to face the truth of their failings not only of themselves but of their dealings with the whole socio-communist Party so improperly named Democrat, a derivative of the word democracy which today is totally foreign to them. 

No, their left-minded actions now blame Republicans and Conservatives for all the ineptness and floundering of their Islam-Communist-inspired Party leadership from Farrakhan, Alinsky, Soros, Obama, etc.  No longer do we hear, “It’s all Bush’s fault.”  Now we hear and read in the newspapers’ ‘Letters’ columns, that the declining economy is all the fault of the Republicans.  Those writers have yet to hear about the staggering national debt that Obama has amassed.  Typically, though, they ignored Obama’s VA, which allowed war veterans to die for lack of VA care.

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