Thursday, May 22, 2014

Dem Mayor of One of Massachusetts Largest Cities Declares They Will Now Be A Sanctuary City For Illegal Aliens…

  • Under an executive order from Mayor Joe Curtatone, Somerville will no longer fully participate in a federal immigrant detention program.
    • Page 2 of 3 - In an email statement, he told the Journal ending ICE detainers that happen without probable cause is moral, responsible and just common sense.
      “These are our neighbors and they should not be afraid to report a crime or afraid that they could be separated from their families and deported simply because they get stopped for having a broken tail light,” Curtatone said. He added, “We can’t keep our communities safe unless we have the full cooperation of the full community.”
      Acting Police Chief Charles Femino agreed.
      “In essence, what Secure Communities has done is built a wall between police and the community,” Femino said. He added, “We want to continue to partner with the federal government, but we want to do it in a fair way that’s equal to all citizens.
      Centro Presente Director Patricia Montes said the same.
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