Thursday, May 21, 2015

Sex Ed: Incomplete Without Abstinence

A hallmark of the Left is their inability to comprehend that opposing opinions can and do exist at the same time. They’re the Thought Police, and are routinely convinced that another’s viewpoint must boil down to obsession over said subject matter. This is frequently seen in discussions regarding sex education. Conservatives hold “radical” views about sexual choices (meaning: you’re responsible for your own, regret & rape aren’t the same thing, and babies aren’t to blame for your lack of wisdom). These views greatly concern the Left.
Recently, discussions of abstinence-based education have increased. This was due in large part to a provision passed by Congress, included in other legislation, that increased funding to abstinence-only education. Almost on cue, the Left blew up at the idea of such a backwards, non-progressive, unfair thing and insisted that the youth of America were being led astray in health classes across the nation. Abstinence is a four-letter word, and how dare it even be introduced in our schools. As reported at Reality Check:
Since 1982, more than $1.7 billion in federal money has been spent on programs that are damaging to young people and fail to provide opportunities to learn vital information and skills that they need. In the past, a collective outcry from young people, parents, educators, and medical and public health professionals has been successful in reducing spending on AOUM programs. Now, in 2015, Congress has passed the first-ever increase in the 18-year-old Title V program. We’ve been here before, and we won’t stand for the perpetuation of these damaging programs. Our young people deserve better.
Young people most definitely deserve better, but it won’t be found in shielding them from the idea of abstinence in their sex ed classes. With a 2013 pregnancy rate for 15-19 year olds at 273,015 babies born, I’d say education programs which include abstinence aren’t really the problem. These kind of programs are seen as damaging by the Left, but what’s really the issue? Youth are ill-informed, not uninformed, and are encouraged to do what feels right at the moment more than they’re encouraged to consider consequences of those moments’ actions. That is the problem. There must be a balanced approach to sex education in this country. Such an approach would involve educators listing the truths about sex in a clear, concise manner that presents the facts of making a choice to engage in such activity, the potential outcomes (disease, parenthood), and the responsible alternatives. Contrary to popular belief, abstinence is an alternative. Not a popular one, obviously, but the only fool-proof route that doesn’t end in medication for an STD or buying diapers for your new arrival.

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