Saturday, May 23, 2015

Why compassion for illegal immigration is wrong

Unchecked immigration is destroying our nation by undermining and overrunning the very institution that was built to harbor immigrants through the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution…

Don’t call it compassion when the president, elected officials or a candidate takes a stand that illegal immigrants deserve a pass to stay in this country and receive citizenship, let alone resident status. It is approval of America’s demise; an uncontrolled decimation of what the Founders established in the new world expressly to provide free exercise of faith, industry and speech.

What our forefathers pioneered was a new nation steeped in the acceptance of immigrants who wanted one thing—to escape the ancient order of tyranny. And they came from many countries to enjoy the newfound freedom that was available nowhere else in the world.
Today, the concept of true freedom to follow one’s individual faith and entrepreneurship is still only possible in one place, America, though that distinction is rapidly disappearing given the growth of theocracies and autocracies around the rest of the globe, and the importation of those liberty-crushing ideals on the back of illegal and state-sponsored immigration. The United States is also losing that exceptionalism due to the internal stresses brought about by fractional factionalists pressuring government for equality that is already in effect.

The reckless concept that special populations deserve special rights goes beyond the complete equality institutionalized by the Declaration of Independence from the beginning of this nation. It is creating privileged classes that oppress the majority of others who differ in opinions and lifestyles.

Why the new form of immigration is unacceptable is that it counters how and why America embraced immigrants over the generations. Immigration was encouraged to fill out the lands with productive individuals who purposefully left their past behind. They came with little or nothing, dreaming of a new life for their families, one that secured liberty from the old regime of oppression. My own forebears fled the pogroms of Russia, intent on basking in the freedom of America, not hauling along the tyranny of religious and antiquated European social prejudice.

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