Friday, May 22, 2015

Fox’s Charlie Gasparino Wages Bizarre War on Millennials, Calls Guest a ‘F*cking Moron’

gasparino_timpfLooks like Fox Business Network is posturing itself as the “Get Off My Lawn” network.
FBN reporter Charlie Gasparino has apparently waged a one-man war against “Millennials” for a while now, trotting out the clichéd tropes that under-35ers are narcissistic, entitled, and lazy. When his thoughts were put to a FBN Cavutopanel of youngens, including National Review reporter Kat Timpf, their response was a mix of bafflement and snarky rebuttal (“He doesn’t have as many Twitter followers as us”).
When those responses were shown to Gasparino, his reaction was: “These kids are fucking morons.”
And because much of cable news is just cable news talking to itself, Gasparino then went on Cavutothe following evening to discuss his response to the Millennial response to his response to their defense against his Millennial-bashing.
The whole circus is made even better by the fact that Gasparino’s panel was called “Bitter Boomers,” and featured him getting ridiculously personally (shocker!) with attacks on Timpf; for instance: “She couldn’t wear my jockstrap as a reporter.” The Wall Street reporter also whipped out his digital dick for a good ol’ pissing match, in which he and his fellow Olds literally compared his Twitter follower count with Timpf’s.
Good times. Well worth the effort. Watch below, if you hate yourself:

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