Wednesday, May 20, 2015

The First 100 Days: Your GOP-led Congress

During the 2014 election, our Republican candidates presented solid, sensible solutions — to create jobs, strengthen the economy, gain energy independence, end the Washington gridlock and restore government accountability.
Now 100 days in, the new GOP-led Congress is delivering on these promises. As noted by USA Today, the first three months of the 114th Congress have seen significant bipartisan accomplishments.
For the first time in six years under Obama, both the House and the Senate passed a budget that BALANCES.
The GOP-led Congress also accomplished a feat rarely seen in Washington: passing the first real reform to strengthen Medicare in nearly two decades.
More than that, GOP leaders successfully passed reforms that will begin addressing the problems at the VA, fight the tragedy of human trafficking and protect hardworking taxpayers from government abuse and overreach. Just yesterday, the committee investigating Benghazi uncovered thousands of new pages of documentsdespite Democrats’ claims that there were no more questions to answer and no more information to uncover.
Finally, Congress listened to the 2/3 of Americans who support building the Keystone XL pipeline to boost American energy and job creation. Unlike Harry Reid’s Senate, the new Congress did its job and sent legislation approving the Keystone XL pipeline to the president's desk. 
Unfortunately, Obama chose to ignore the American people, cave to environment extremists, and veto the bill. And now it looks like Hillary Clinton is cozying up to the same people, like billionaire fundraiser Tom Steyer.
While Obama and the Democrats will continue to do everything they can to stand in our way, Republicans will continue to work to move America in the right direction. To do that, we need your input to help set our priorities for the next 100 days and beyond.
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