Tuesday, June 16, 2015

NBC, ABC Gush Over ‘Celebrity-Packed Secret Soiree’ at White House

While NBC’s Today and ABC’s Good Morning America ignored longtime Clinton aide Sidney Blumenthal testifying before the House Benghazi Committee on Tuesday, both morning shows eagerly touted a “celebrity-packed secret soiree” at the White House “with 500 guests, including a couple of music legends.” 

On Today, co-host Carson Daly proclaimed: “Now to that secret soiree at the White House hosted by the President and First Lady, featuring Prince and Stevie Wonder. Not too shabby. It happened over the weekend.”

 Moments later Daly revealed: “You know who was at this event? Our friend Al Roker.” News anchor Natalie Morales noted another NBC host at the exclusive presidential party: “And Tamron [Hall]. And Tamron was there.” 

Roker gushed about the event: “Well, it was very nice, some lovely hors d’oeuvres. And got to watch the First Lady and the President get down. So it was – but to see Prince and then Stevie Wonder together performing was worth everything....it was unbelievable.”

Daly wondered: “How do you get on the list?...How did you get invited to this secret party at the White House?” Roker joked: “I don't know. I think it was a mistake. They actually wanted [my wife] Deborah and I had to come along.” 

In reality, it was not the first time Roker attended a White House bash. In 2014, Roker could not contain his excitement while describing another party with the Obamas: “I actually got to boogie a little with the First Lady....Deborah and I were dancing and all of a sudden I turned around and there was Mrs. Obama....And I'm thinking, ‘Oh, my gosh, I'm dancing with the First Lady.’” 

On Good Morning America, correspondent Jim Avila declared: “It's tough to keep a concert secret when the headliner is Prince, the accompanist is Stevie Wonder, the audience is the First Family, and the venue is the White House – especially in the age of social media.”

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