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Saturday, September 5, 2015

[VIDEO] Marine Vet Whose Viral Video DESTROYED #BlackLivesMatter Speaks Out...

Remember Michael Whaley? He’s a Marine vet that went on a tirade against #BlackLivesMatter and their violent and hateful rhetoric. His video went viral (and rightly so). It’s an awesome message and one that BLM needs to take to heart.
Whaley was interviewed by Megyn Kelly about his video and he got to expand on his original thoughts -

Friday, September 4, 2015

[VIDEO] Dem outreach to Black Lives Matter meets rejection

Democratic officials and presidential candidates are running into a hostile reception as they try to reach out to Black Lives Matter, a movement that has become a political minefield for the party. 
On the other side of the aisle, Republicans have largely shunned the group.South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley said this week that "black lives do matter," but they've been "disgracefully jeopardized by the movement that has laid waste to Ferguson and Baltimore." 
By contrast, the Democratic National Committee passed a resolution last Friday implicitly endorsing the cause. 
"Therefore it be resolved that the DNC joins with Americans across the country in affirming 'Black lives matter' and the 'say her name' efforts to make visible the pain of our fellow and sister Americans as they condemn extrajudicial killings of unarmed African American men, women and children," the resolution reads, according to Buzzfeed.
However, the Black Lives Matter group released a statement on Facebook Sunday rejecting the Democrats’ advances.
The response was the latest example of a rocky relationship between the party and the movement, which started with the George Zimmerman verdict in 2013 and significantly expanded after the 2014 death of Michael Brown.
As the movement has built itself into an effective, albeit fringe, grassroots force -- comparable in some ways to Occupy Wall Street -- Democrats have sought to bring them on board, or at least make peace. 
But it has not been an easy ride.
Black Lives Matter activists stormed the stage in July while former Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley was speaking at a Netroots Nation conference in Phoenix, Ariz. After O'Malley listened to them talk for several minutes, he agreed to calls from the audience to a civilian review board and said he would roll out a criminal reform package. Receiving applause, he then said “Black lives matter, white lives matter, all lives matter.” The crowd erupted in boos at O'Malley's statement and O’Malley later apologized for saying “all lives matter.”

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Black Lives Matter Protesters Chant: ‘Pigs In A Blanket, Fry ‘Em Like Bacon’

Black Lives Matter: 'Pigs In A Blanket, Fry 'Em Like Bacon' | The Daily Caller
Black Lives Matter protesters marching on the Minnesota state fair on Saturday spewed violent anti-cop rhetoric just hours after a Harris County, Tex. sheriff’s deputy was ambushed and executed at a Houston-area gas station.
“Pigs in a blanket, fry ’em like bacon,” activists with the St. Paul, Minn. branch of Black Lives Matter chanted while marching behind a group of police officers down a highway just south of the state fair grounds.
Carrying signs reading “End White Supremacy” and “Black Lives Matter,” the protesters railed against racial inequality, the criminal justice system and policing. Besides issuing the chant calling cops by the pejorative “pig,” the protesters repeated the names of several blacks who have been killed by police in recent years.
The activists sang out the violent chorus chant just hours after a lone gunman shot 47-year-old Harris County sheriff’s deputy Darren Goforth while he was getting gas. The suspect approached the 10-year veteran from behind at around 8:30 p.m. Friday and shot him in the back of the head. He then shot Goforth several more times as he lay on the ground.
Goforth leaves behind a wife and two children.

Saturday, August 29, 2015


Members of the #FYF911 or #FukYoFlag and #BlackLivesMatter movements called for the lynching and hanging of white people and cops. They encouraged others on a radio show Tuesday night to “turn the tide” and kill white people and cops to send a message about the killing of black people in America.

One of the F***YoFlag organizers is called “Sunshine.” She has a radio blog show hosted from Texas called, “Sunshine’s F***ing Opinion Radio Show.”
A snapshot of her #FYF911 @LOLatWhiteFear Twitter page at 9:53 p.m. shows that she was urging supporters to “Call now!! #fyf911 tonight we continue to dismantle the illustion of white…”
SNAPSHOT Twitter Radio Call Invite - #FYF911
#2 Radio Show as it appears on computer screen
Radio Show screenshot as it appears on computer screen
During the show, callers clearly call for “lynching” and “killing” of white people.
A 2:39 minute clip from the radio show can be heard here. It was provided to Breitbart Texas by someone who would like to be referred to as “Hannibal.” He has already received death threats as a result of interrupting #FYF911 conference calls.
An unidentified black man said “when those mother f**kers are by themselves, that’s when when we should start f***ing them up. Like they do us, when a bunch of them ni**ers takin’ one of us out, that’s how we should roll up.”  He said, “Cause we already roll up in gangs anyway. There should be six or seven black mother f**ckers, see that white person, and then lynch their ass. Let’s turn the tables.”

Friday, August 28, 2015

DNC To Vote On Resolution Supporting Black Lives Matter

DNC To Vote On Resolution Supporting Black Lives Matter - BuzzFeed News
The Democratic National Committee is expected on Friday to adopt a resolution expressing its support for the Black Lives Matter movement, a DNC official said.
The resolution, the language of which was made available to BuzzFeed News, will be voted on by the full body during the general session on Friday at the DNC’s summer meetings in Minneapolis.
The draft of the resolution mentions by name Patrisse Cullors, Opal Tometi, and Alicia Garza, the founders of the Black Lives Matter organization. They are from “a generation of young African-Americans who feel totally dismissed and unheard as they are crushed between unlawful street violence and unjust police violence,” the draft reads.
The DNC said it resolves “that the DNC joins with Americans across the country in affirming ‘Black lives matter’ and the ‘say her name’ efforts to make visible the pain of our fellow and sister Americans as they condemn extrajudicial killings of unarmed African-American men, women, and children.”
WHEREAS, the Democratic Party believes in the American Dream and the promise of liberty and justice for all, and we know that this dream is a nightmare for too many young people stripped of their dignity under the vestiges of slavery, Jim Crow and White Supremacy; and
WHEREAS, we, the Democratic National Committee, have repeatedly called for race and justice – demilitarization of police, ending racial profiling, criminal justice reform, and investments in young people, families, and communities — after Trayvon Martin, after Michael Brown, after Tamir Rice, after Freddie Gray, after Sandra Bland, after Christian Taylor, after too many others lost in the unacceptable epidemic of extrajudicial killings of unarmed black men, women, and children at the hands of police; and
WHEREAS, we hear the “Black lives matter” cry from the inspiration of creators Patrisse Cullors, Opal Tometi, and Alicia Garza, and from the heart of a generation of young African Americans who feel totally dismissed and unheard as they are crushed between unlawful street violence and unjust police violence; we salute the courageous young people who participate in the #March2Justice, and we repeat the chant “say her name” to acknowledge the Black women whose stories are often untold and whose cases are unresolved; and
WHEREAS, without systemic reform this state of unrest jeopardizes the well-being of our democracy and our nation;
THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the DNC joins with Americans across the country in affirming “Black lives matter” and the “say her name” efforts to make visible the pain of our fellow and sister Americans as they condemn extrajudicial killings of unarmed African American men, women and children; and
BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the DNC renews our previous calls to action and urges Congress to adopt systemic reforms at state, local, and federal levels to prohibit law enforcement from profiling based on race, nationality, ethnicity, or religion, to minimize the transfer of excess equipment (like the military-grade vehicles and weapons that were used to police peaceful civilians in the streets of Ferguson, Missouri) to federal and state law enforcement; and to support prevention programs that give young people alternatives to incarceration.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

[VIDEO] On CNN, Grandmother Rips 'Black Lives Matter;' Marc Lamont Hill Blasts Back

On Monday's CNN Tonight, Don Lemon spotlighted the online "rant" of a grandmother who attacked the "Black Lives Matter" movement. In her video, Peggy Hubbard criticized the lack of outrage in her community over Jamyla Bolden, a nine year old child who was killed near Ferguson, Missouri: "Her life mattered; her dreams mattered; her vision mattered. She could have been the next secretary of state. She could have been the next attorney general. She never got a chance." Lemon interviewed Hubbard, who later later blasted the left-wing concept of "white privilege." 

[video below] Minutes later, liberal CNN commentator Marc Lamont Hill went after the grandmother for her anti-"Black Lives Matter" rant: "We don't have to attack one movement to support another. We don't have to destroy the fine work that activists have been doing for the last year." Hill asserted that "some of us get so caught up in our pain and the, sort of, narratives that get put out by mainstream media, that we start rejecting our own, instead of accepting our own and being ourselves. That's the problem for me with this woman." He later ripped Bolden's contention about white supremacy as not being "grounded in reality." 
Lemon noted how "Black Lives Matter" decried the recent shooting of "Mansur Ball-Bey, a young black man who was killed by two white St. Louis police officers," and wondered, "Where is the outrage over another death – the death of...nine-year-old Jamyla Bolden – killed by a stray bullet in her home as she did her homework. At least one woman is very angry." He continued with two extended clips from Hubbard's online video.
The CNN anchor then turned to the grandmother, who first decried the lack of media coverage of Bolden's death, as well as the rioting in her home neighborhood in St. Louis, Missouri over the police shooting of a suspect who shot at the law enforcement officers:
PEGGY HUBBARD, MADE VIDEO RANT ABOUT BLACK LIVES MATTER: Jamyla died the day before. I didn't hear anything on it on the news – and I'm an avid news watcher. Nothing was about – nothing was reported. It was just a blip. This guy dies – this bad guy dies – and all of a sudden, there's a full-blown riot in the neighborhood I grew up in. And there's nothing for her. And we're hollering, 'black lives matter.' He had his chance to matter. He chose his path. He chose his destiny. Jamyla never got her destiny. She never got her promises. Her life mattered; her dreams mattered; her vision mattered. She could have been the next secretary of state. She could have been the next attorney general. She never got a chance.
Via: Newsbusters

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Monday, August 24, 2015

Actually, it’s ‘All lives matter’ that resonates.

Imagine for a moment that you broke your left wrist. In excruciating pain, you rush to the emergency room for treatment only to run into a doctor who insists on examining not just your mangled left wrist, but your uninjured right wrist, rib cage, femur, fibula, sacrum, humerus, phalanges, the whole bag of bones that is you. You say, “Doc, it’s just my left wrist that hurts.” And she says, “Hey, all bones matter.”
If you understand why that remark would be factual, yet also, fatuous, silly, patronizing and off point, then you should understand why “All lives matter” is the same.

…or you’re not a doctor who knows pretty darn well that when somebody shows up in your emergency room with a ‘mangled right wrist’ then you had better make sure that the patient doesn’t, you know, have other broken bones. Or a concussion. Or internal bleeding. Or… you get the point, right? Because, yes, in case all bones do matter, including the ones that you didn’t check because somebody was screaming in your face about how you have to concentrate on cracked wrists until the end of time*.
Yes, I understand: it’s just a stupid metaphor. Indeed. It is a stupid metaphor, which is why Leonard Pitts, Jr. should have used a different one. It’s also being used to support an argument that isn’t nearly as popular as its adherents pretend it is:
Two out of three black people prefer the term “all lives matter” to “black lives matter,” according to aRasmussen poll released Thursday.
Only 31 percent of black people surveyed said that the statement “black lives matter” most closely comports to their own beliefs, compared to 64 percent who chose “all lives matter.”
This does not necessarily make the entire Black Lives Matter movement invalid: as my RedState colleague and friend Leon Wolf noted a few days ago, there are serious questions that can be and should be asked about police behavior, as well as our current criminal justice system. What it does suggest, however, is that – as usual – the Usual Suspects are busily trying to turn the whole thing into yet another way to squeeze a few more votes out for Democrats. We’ve seen this tactic before, and we’ll probably see it again.
Moe Lane (crosspost)
*Go ask an emergency room physician or nurse just how good the average patient is at describing how and where he or she hurts. Seriously. Go ahead. If you don’t already know the answer, you’ll probably find it rather enlightening.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Massachusetts: 'Black Lives Matter' Banner Now Hangs from Somerville City Hall

'Black Lives Matter' Banner Now Hangs from Somerville City Hall
Photo Credit: City of Somerville
A banner that reads “Black Lives Matter” now hangs from the front porch of Somerville City Hall.
The decision to hang the banner comes after the many police-involved shooting deaths of unarmed black men across different parts of the country.
Somerville Mayor Joe Curtatone told The Boston Globe that he worked with members of the Cambridge-based Black Lives Matter organization to create the banner in support of their cause.
“We see this as an important opportunity for an important national conversation,” Curtatone said in regards to racial issues.
Curtatone is not exactly sure when the banner will come down. It may hang for a long time while Somerville works to further build trust between local agencies and residents throughout the community.
“If any one group feels that our public institutions are not treating them fairly, or our policies drive a certain structural racial overtone, I have a responsibility to lead that change,” Curtatone added in his statements to The Boston Globe.
The Mayor said the banner is in no way representative of the work carried out by his city’s police department. The Somerville police stand by the message conveyed through the banner.
Curtatone only wants his community to be upstanding and united as one.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

‘Black Lives Matter’ activist Shaun King REVEALED to be a FAKE BLACK GUY!!

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For a few weeks now there has been a topic of debate online about whether Shaun King, the outspoken “black lives matter” activist, is a FAKE black guy. Today the story BLEW UP with new accusations. Shaun King has tried to refute them on his Twitter, citing a vast right-wing white supremacist conspiracy!

The Blaze piece says that a racial attack on Shaun King as a teenager that he mentions often is disputed by the police report and some witnesses:
…three of the statements provided to police indicate the assault was over a dispute King had with a girl. The girl, whom TheBlaze has chosen not to name because she too was a minor at the time of incident, told authorities that the fight was a result of King confronting her over $8 she allegedly owed him after knocking over his bag and breaking a CD two weeks prior. She said King initially told her she wouldn’t have to pay him back because it was an accident, but that two weeks later, he confronted her and asked for the money immediately.
The assailant, the girl’s ex-boyfriend, told police the incident stemmed from King demanding the money. Another individual made the same claim.
“The reason I hit Shawn [sic] is because he pushed my x-girlfriend up against the wall yesterday and threatened to break her neck over $8 dollars she owed him and I care for her and she was scared yesterday because she thought he was going to hurt her and I didn’t want to see her get hurt,” the assailant, who was cited with fourth-degree assault, told police. “I know it was wrong but I couldn’t stand him threatening a girl like that.”
Shaun King denies the claims, but the importance of getting the facts straight on this is that he claims it was a racial attack, while the witnesses say race had nothing to do with it.
But IF he is not mixed, but full white, then that means he lied to get into Morehouse College, a historically black school, and also lied to the African-American divinity Oprah Winfrey!!
You in trouble now, King:
Notice – he doesn’t really say what he IS, just what people know him AS. Kinda weird, huh?
He prattles on and on about some white supremacist conspiracy, but then The Daily Beast drops this BOMB and Nakasakis him:
Prominent Black Lives Matter activist Shaun King said for years that he is biracial, because he was born to a white mother and a black father, but Kentucky public records reviewed by The Daily Beast show that King’s father is white. Jeffery Wayne King, born Nov. 11, 1955, is listed as Shaun King’s father on his birth certificate. Criminal records identify Jeffrey King’s ethnicity as white. After Breitbart News questioned King’s race, the activist tweeted that he “did not concoct a lie” about his race.
Uh oh!! Is Shaun King the male Rachel Dolezal?!?

[VIDEO] Wilmore Grills #BlackLivesMatter Activists: What’s Your Beef with Progressives?

Larry Wilmore invited two of the #BlackLivesMatter activists who confronted Hillary Clinton during a private meeting last week to appear on The Nightly Show last night, and his first question for them was, “Why do you think it’s so important to make white people feel uncomfortable?”
“When we’re talking about race in this country, that’s often what happens, people get uncomfortable,” Daunasia Yancey answered.
As he did on his show last week, Wilmore pressed the activists to explain what the movement’s beef is with progressives in general and Bernie Sanders in particular, arguing that the two groups would seem like “natural allies.”
Julius Jones, who repeated his claim that “all lives matter” is a “violent” statement, told Wilmore that sometimes you have to be “honest” with your friends and in the case of the Democratic candidates, they are not doing enough to align themselves with the movement. “Bernie Sanders, for as much as he was walking with MLK, he ain’t walking that walk now,” he said.
Later, Wilmore asked the activists if they have any plans — “and please say yes” — to interruptDonald Trump on the campaign trail. The answer? “Yes.”

[VIDEO] #BlackLivesMatter Activist to CNN: ‘All Lives Matter’ Is a ‘Violent Statement’

A #BlackLivesMatter activist appearing on CNN told host Wolf Blitzer that saying “all lives matter” is actually a “violent statement.”
Activist Julius Jones was invited on to discuss the protest movement’s contentious meeting with Hillary Clinton. “Black lives are actively under attack, and we are in a terrible war with our own country. African-Americans are Americans and we’re not treated like that, we’re not treated as if black lives matter.”
“And when people say ‘all lives matter,’ it’s a violent statement, because the only time that people say ‘all lives matter’ is in opposition to ‘black lives matter,’ and it’s the most violent statement of love that you can do,” he said. “It’s like, ‘all lives matter!’ Yes, we understand that, it’s true, but in this country for the longest time, the United States acts like black lives don’t matter.”

[OPINION] #BlackLivesMatter Will Continue to Disrupt the Political Process

Opinion: #BlackLivesMatter Will Continue to Disrupt the Political Process - The Washington Post
Black Lives Matter co-founder Patrisse Cullors writes that the Democratic Party has “milked” the votes of African-Americans
The Outrage Machine is a weekly opinion column by voices from the left and right on Washington. Want to write for us? Contact us at
My morning rituals are typical. I wake up yearning for a few extra moments of rest. I express gratitude to a higher power for the breath in my body and the blessings in my life. I shower. I dress. I eat breakfast. I exchange laughter and words with my beloveds, embracing each other as we say our daily goodbyes. As I stand at the threshold of my home, the liminal space between warmth and safety and the chaos of the outside world, my experience becomes explicitly Black. Everyday before I leave my house, I ask myself, will today be the day I am murdered by the police?
#BlackLivesMatter was created in 2013 after Trayvon Martin’s murderer, George Zimmerman, was acquitted for his crime, and dead 17-year old Trayvon was posthumously placed on trial for his own murder. Black Lives Matter is both a network and a movement. The network has 26 chapters and affiliate organizations globally. The movement is made up of Black folks and allies who are not necessarily a part of the network. We are decentralized — meaning we focus on local leadership and help build the capacity of those most impacted to fight and win victories for their communities. We understand the local is the national and we must utilize our resources as such. We support both international and local action and policy changes that empower the Black community.
On Aug. 8, 2015, as the Black community prepared to collectively mourn the anniversary of the murder of Mike Brown by Ferguson police, members of Black Lives Matter disrupted a Bernie Sanders rally in Seattle.  In the week since that disruption, at least nine Black people have been killed by state-sanctioned violence. Do we know the names of the nine people who faced a trial by fire? Do we know how the loss of their lives has impacted their families and communities? Or are we so collectively focused on the feelings of White presidential candidates that we have missed the essential purpose of the disruption? We as a movement will continue to disrupt the current political process until Black Lives Matter.
Agitating a perceived political ally to the Black community is strategic. For far too long, the Democratic Party has milked the Black vote while creating policies that completely decimate Black communities. Once upon a time, Bill Clinton was widely perceived as an ally and advocate for the needs of Black people. However, it is the Clinton administration’s Violent Crime and Law Enforcement Act that set the stage for the massive racial injustice we struggle with in law enforcement today.
Let us recall: Bill Clinton’s 1994 crime bill provisions included $10.8 billion in federal matching funds to local governments to hire 100,000 new police officers over a period of six years, $9.7 billion allocated for the construction of new federal prisons, creation of 60 new death penalty offenses, mandatory minimums for crack cocaine possession and the decision to allow children as young as 13 to be tried as adults. The Clinton administration gave birth to the very era of mass incarceration that current Democrats are renouncing with great emotion and fervor. But these are ardent words with no concrete agenda.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

[VIDEO] Wait Till You See What Hillary Just Said In Private Meeting With Black Lives Matter Activists

After watching what Hillary Clinton just did and said in an extraordinary private meeting with black activists, one could reasonably believe that the presumed 2016 nominee for president is trying to ingratiate herself with a radical but potentially viable voting bloc that could help rescue her failing bid for president.
In a just-revealed video of the private, backstage meeting between Hillary Clinton and Black Lives Matter (BLM) activists from Boston, Hillary readily agrees with their claims that America is a racist nation that routinely practices “mass incarceration” of black people to keep them subservient and oppressed. Clinton observes that her country “has still not recovered from its original sin” of “anti-blackness.”
She makes no mention of America’s first black president or of the numerous private companies run by blacks or of the hundreds of black athletes whose salaries far exceed what the average American makes.
Hillary listened quietly for more than three minutes to the leader of the BLM group lecture her and complain that “mass incarceration [is an] unfortunate consequence of government practices that just didn’t work.” In fact, not only did she listen intently, but she nodded repeatedly as the activist claimed that America still exploits black people as though they were back on pre-Civil War plantations.
Hillary heard and nodded as the BLM protestor spoke of the “anti-blackness current that is America’s first drug…free black labor and turning black bodies into profit.”
Then, after responding that she has been a lifelong champion of “black kids,” the Democrat front-runner engages in what many might call “political pandering” in the extreme. She claims that “anti-blackness” is a “founding problem in this country.” Clinton goes on to say that there needs to be “a reckoning” for America’s racial sins as she tries to advise the BLM activists how to gain political clout.
She favorably compares BLM to the civil rights movement, the womens movement, the gay rights movement. “Your analysis is totally fair,” says Clinton. “The consciousness-raising, the passion, the youth of your movement is so critical….”
By clicking on the video above, you can see for yourself how the Democrat in the lead for her party’s presidential nomination aligns herself with the radical Black Lives Matter movement and smugly trashes her country in the process.
Via: Western Journalism
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Sunday, August 9, 2015


They would also disrupted Sanders and Martin O'Malley during their appearance at the Netroots Convention in Phoenix last month and cut considerably into their speaking time.
What I find interesting is how The Left is gloating over the Republican Party row over Donald Trump. In his usual smug form, Matt Taibbi of Rolling Stone claims that Republicans, Fox News, talk radio and the conservative blogosphere have created a monster that's now turning on them. Could Taibbi please tell me exactly how many Republican presidential candidates have been forced off the stage of their own rallies?

Black Lives Matter is a creation of the Democratic Party, the mainstream media, Hollywood and the left-wing blogosphere. And when their creation can force Bernie Sanders off the stage and prevent him from speaking then it has surely become a monster. But don't expect the Democratic Party, the mainstream media, Hollywood and the left-wing blogosphere to ever describe Black Lives Matter in this manner. 

UPDATE: As a couple of readers have pointed out, the rally from which Sanders was unceremoniously evicted was one commemorating Social Security & Medicare and wasn't a Sanders for President event. Nevertheless, it doesn't change the fact he was forced off stage by outside agitators. There is a difference between that and Donald Trump having his invitation to the Red State event. While one might object to Erik Erickson's decision, I cannot imagine a scenario in which conservative activists would jump on stage uninvited and force a Republican presidential hopeful off-stage and not permit him or her speak.

Sunday, July 26, 2015


Patrisse Cullors is supposedly one of the founders of the “Black Lives Matter” hashtag along with two other women (yeah, it took THREE women to come up with a hashtag), and she’s is super angry about stuff and is gonna shut down the Republican convention. The threat was made on MSNBC this morning, and the hosts gleefully laughed.
Because they can’t persuade anyone of the rightness of their cause, they can only threaten violence.

Saturday, July 18, 2015

POLITICS Sanders And O’Malley Shouted Off Stage At Progressive Conference


Netroots Nation, the annual conference of ultra-left-wing activists, had two Democratic Party presidential candidates in attendance at their event in Phoenix, Ariz., this year… And shouted them both off stage.
Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders and former Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley participated separately in a candidate discussion moderated by journalist and illegal alien Jose Antonio Vargas. Both speakers were interrupted by shouting protesters from the #BlackLivesMatter movement and were unable to continue.
O’Malley was being interrupted by protesters and, after pleas from the stage and event organizers, was allowed to continue. He went on to say, “I know, I know…Let me talk a little bit…Black lives matter, white lives matter, all lives matter,” which the crowd did not appreciate. The chants and boos got louder and the candidate left the stage.
O'Malley gaffes with this crowd: "Black lives matter, white lives matter, all lives matter." Huge groans and boos.
Via: Daily Caller

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