Saturday, November 2, 2013

Why Unions Are Pouring Money Into Virginia & Why You Should Care

Union bosses and other out-of-state liberals–from Hollywood to New York–are pouring millions into the Virginia governor’s race.
They are, without a doubt, hell-bent on defeating Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli and putting long-timeDemocratic party boss and fund-raiser Terry McAuliffe into the governor’s seat.
McAuliffe trailer

More than that, however, the Left (just as they are targeting Texas and other Southern states) may be using the governor’s race to put the final nail in the coffin for Republicans in a state that has swung from reliably red to almost-but-not-quite blue.

While the polls in the seem to be tightening from a McAuliffe shoe-in to a too-close-to-call (were it not for the Libertarian candidate), according to the Washington Post, Democrat McAuliffe has collected $8 million more than Cuccinelli.
In addition to Democrat heavyweights like Bill Clinton ($100,000), Hollywood heavy hitters like the Weinstein Co. ($25,000) and noted author John Grisham ($75,000), Planned Parenthood donated over $1.5 million and many other liberal special interest groups have sent McAuliffe six-digit donations.
Given the amount of big out-of-state money and extraordinary efforts union bosses and their liberal cohorts are putting into the race, one must question how the Left will gain from a McAuliffe win.

Why are union bosses investing so heavily in Right-to-Work Virginia?

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