Friday, November 1, 2013

I Like My Plan, and I Want to Keep It

Do you like your health-care plan? Do you think you should be able to keep it? We think you should, too.
From one NR reader:
I just got a cancellation letter yesterday from BCBS. Obama and Jay Carney say that this is a “bad apple” or “sub-standard” insurer. Give me a break! This insurance policy was a perfect fit for my family of five. My new premium for the same coverage is over double with a higher deductible. Mr. Obama is flat out DISHONEST. Please help by not dropping this issue.
Do you stand with this NR reader and all of the others in the same situation? If so, sign the following petition (using the simple form at the top of the column to the right), and show your support for the hundreds of thousands of families who are losing their insurance coverage and having to pay more for a plan under Obamacare. And if you are already a victim of Obamacare, tell us your story, too (using the comment area on the form). Let NR readers know what it’s like — firsthand — to be a victim of this egregious law.

Via: NRO
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