Saturday, November 2, 2013

Hannity Takes on Juan Williams: 'You're Justifying a Major Lie' by President Obama

Sean Hannity and David Limbaugh went up against Juan Williams Thursday night in a lively debate over whether President Obama knowingly misled the American people about keeping their health insurance plans.
"After being caught [in a lie], he's trying to scapegoat insurance companies and Republicans. ... The government interfering with market principles has caused the price to go up," said Limbaugh.
Williams countered that private insurance companies were "bankrupting families" in the previous system, but Limbaugh fired back that the American health care system was the best in the world before the government got involved.
Hannity said there is a "supreme arrogance" to the way ObamaCare has been set up.
"Juan, why the hell do you feel you have the right to empower your government to force people to choose something they don't want!? said Hannity, arguing that Democrats have a "belief in the government that borders on insanity."
Williams said he's not trying to empower anybody, likening ObamaCare to programs like Social Security and calling it a "national compact" to protect people who don't have access to health care.
Hannity ended by telling Williams that he's trying to "justify" Obama's lie to the American people.
Watch the debate above, and tune in to Hannity, tonight at 10p/1a ET as experts and insiders fact-check ObamaCare and its promises.

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