Friday, November 1, 2013

War on Halloween? The Five Rails Against ‘Costume Correctness’

Thanks to Fox News, we know there’s a War on Christmas. And we’re pretty there’s a War on Easter. But what about Halloween? Today on The FiveEric Bolling kicked off a discussion about an epidemic of “costume correctness” that may just be sweeping the nation this year.
Bolling reported that a medical center in Kentucky is requiring all of their employees to attend a sensitivity training course after someone came to a Halloween party dressed as President Obama in a straight jacket. And, Pottery Barn had to apologize for selling Asian-themed costumes that some found “culturally offensive.”
Dana Perino pointed out that when she was White House press secretary her boss George W. Bush was the most popular mask in America. “It was not a compliment and nobody had to go to diversity training.” None of the hosts could comprehend what was wrong with the Pottery Barn costumes, with Greg Gutfeld saying “it only takes one complaint” to make “skittish” companies apologies.
Perino urged President Obama to come out and say, “Guys, wear whatever you want. Halloween is Halloween.”
Bolling added that it would be even better of Obama made that announcement while wearing a Bush mask.
Watch video below, via Fox News:

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