Friday, November 1, 2013

Food Stamp Cuts could Hurt South Fla. Families

South Florida Democrat Alcee Hastings and other members of the Congressional Black Caucus are decrying a massive cut to food stamps that takes place tonight. House Republicans want even deeper reductions.
According to politicians and nutritional experts, losing $10 a month per person in a low income household in south Florida could have catastrophic impacts. That $10 is being lopped off food assistance locally because Congress is allowing a $5 billion cut to the program nationally. 
Congressman Alcee Hastings says the repercussion's will be lasting.
“All of the evidence points to the health of children being connected with the food that they receive in the early stages of their life”, warned Hastings.
Hastings says the cuts don't make sense in an already wobbly recovery.
"It really pumps money back into the economy and I’ve never understood the resistance to it”, said Hastings.
Meanwhile House Republicans are pushing legislation to cut just under $40 billion from the program over a decade. They say too many people have become dependent on the program.

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