Saturday, November 2, 2013

And Just Who are the Racists Again?

The Republican Party was founded to end slavery. The Democrat Party spent a century trying to maintain de facto, if not de jure, slavery

If an individual or a group was utterly consumed with concern about a race, and used race as the sole litmus test for evaluating anything, you’d say that such people were racists, wouldn’t you?

f a group was convinced that the only reason anyone could conceivably oppose Obama is the color of his skin, doesn’t that indicate an obsession with race?

If people are willing to ignore violence and bloodshed when one race perpetrates in against another, but only if the perpetrator of the violence is black, doesn’t that sort of indicates a racial preference that overwhelms rational thought.  That, too, sounds like the behavior and attitudes of a racist, wouldn’t you say?

The unfortunate election of Barack Obama has given the left yet another epithet to toss like a grenade into what they apparently consider “uncivil discourse”.  The phrase “we need to engage in more civil discourse” has, itself, become a leftist favorite to deflect any criticism of the president or any of his policies.  But as a bonus, the Obama presidency has provided the left with an opportunity to accuse those “guilty” of any disagreement, on any topic, by not only elected politicians but any citizen of the country, with being a racist.

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