Friday, September 20, 2013

Golly it's a 'Great Day' for GOP 'Civil War', Goofy CNN Anchor Gushes

It's gotten to the point where CNN anchor Carol Costello makes Ted Baxter look like Edward R. Murrow.
Costello is dispensing with any pretense of objectivity and has decided to let her left-wing flag fly -- this while the execs at CNN scratch their heads over the network's abysmal ratings. If I want liberal media on cable, I'll turn to MSNBC thanks very much and thereby avoid, to borrow from Lincoln, the base alloy of hypocrisy at CNN.
Here's what Costello posted on her Facebook page earlier today  --
Good morning. Happy Friday! A great day for a Republican civil war in the House of Representatives. The House is expected to vote on a government funding bill that will go exactly nowhere. Basically because the bill includes defunding Obamacare. Congressman Ted Cruz pushed the bill and is now trying to avert a major-league PR disaster.
Anyone else getting the distinct impression that Costello thinks "Congressman" Cruz is a member of the House and not the Senate? As my 12-year-old daughter was once fond of saying, what-ever.
I'm having a hard time envisioning Costello nearly so perky about a possible civil war (!) between Democrats.
More from her annoying Facebook blurb --
In a nutshell: Cruz pushed hard  for the bill, then tweeted it would probably fail. That prompted this tweet from CNN's Dana Bash: "Wow. House GOP leadership aide just told me 'Wendy Davis has more balls than Ted Cruz.

Cruz' (sic) response: "Well I'm always impressed with the courage of anonymous congressional aides."

But, the Cruz abuse continued: Congressman Peter King said, Peter King: "We as House Republicans should stop letting Ted Cruz set our agenda for us. If he can deliver on this fine. If he can't, then he should keep quiet from now on and we shouldn't listen to him."

I could go on ... but, you'll hear plenty more through the day. Lost in all of this is the state of our economy and how a government shutdown would adversely impact it. ...
Looks like Costello labels all members of Congress "congressman" (or "congresswoman" as she sees fit), which spares her from that pesky anxiety of worrying about who's in the House and Senate. It's brilliant!
Costello also predictably resorts to the journalistically threadbare "adversely impact it" -- as opposed to the streamlined "damage" or "hurt."  Then again, why say something with one word when a trio or more will suffice? Words to her are cheap, much like other people's money she's eager to spend through taxes that are never quite high enough.

Costello ends her post with this gem --
Oh, and Miley Cyrus' dad speaks out again. He totally gets his daughter's naked wrecking ball video.
Oh how the mighty have fallen -- from country music singer Billy Ray Cyrus of "Achy Breaky Heart" global fame ... to Miley Cyrus' dad. But hey, he "totally gets" his daughter's new shtick. Like to the max, even though it's grody. Dude!
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