Thursday, September 19, 2013

Hannity Wins: Liberals Humiliated

Sean Hannity wins. 
Liberals, having spent months predicting his television and radio demise, lose. 
Humiliated. Again.
But this is about more — much more — than Sean Hannity.
The entire episode swirling around Hannity’s future on Fox and talk radio is a reminder not simply of Hannity’s success and the abysmal failure of Hannity-hating enemies. It is in fact yet one more example of what the late William F. Buckley, Jr. referred to as the “hurtling irrationality” of the “liberal mania.” The real question is as easy as it is serious: 
Why are liberals so gullible? 
What does this Hannity dust-up say about the way liberals see everything from their bizarre assertions about Sean Hannity to ObamaCare, Syria policy and beyond? 
And — no small point for media obsessives - what does this say about the strength of the conservative base in the media?
Let’s focus on Hannity first — and yes, by all means, let’s name some names here.
Prime-time Fox TV it is for Sean. Still and again after 17 years, he remains at the top. Just this week these ratings freshly published over at Mediaite demonstrate his ability to beat the competition, repeatedly clobbering the rest of the field wandering around over there on the ratings deserts that are CNN, MSNBC and HLN. 

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