Thursday, September 19, 2013

CBS Affiliate Airs Car Chase That Ends in Deadly Horrific Crash

When news is slow, TV outlets love an intense car chase. As we’ve documented here many times, that ratings prize also comes with high risk:Sometimes the chases end in horrific fashion, occasionally with lives lost on-air.
While following a high-speed chase this week, CBS Miami broadcast a horrific crash that claimed the life of an innocent driver caught up in the ordeal.
While the footage of those final, horrific moments of the chase resulted in a life lost, the CBS affiliate repeatedly aired the footage throughout their noon broadcast (with the requisite warning to viewers). While it’s a fact that the broadsided driver was killed, the footage is not gory or zoomed-in enough to show any gruesome details, thus perhaps coloring CBS Miami’s decision to run with the footage over and over again.
Take a below at how WFOR covered it below (WARNING: As mentioned, the video may be disturbing to some. Discretion is advised.):

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