Wednesday, September 26, 2012


In her new "Family" television ad, Elizabeth Warren directly responds to the controversy surrounding her claims to Native American heritage.

Here are the three central claims Ms. Warren makes using the same phrasing she's tested out with crowds over the past several months:
1. That she has Native American heritage.
2. That her parents were forced to elope because her father's parents objected to their marriage due to her mother's heritage.
3. That she did not benefit from "checking the box" as a Native American in a law school professor directory several times during the 1980s and 1990s.
Let's analyze these three claims, one by one:
Claim #1:  "[My mother] was part Cherokee and part Delaware."
As Breitbart News and many other sources have documented in excruciating detail, there is zero credible evidence to support the claim that Elizabeth Warren's mother had any Native American heritage, either Cherokee or Delaware. The only "evidence" Ms. Warren has ever presented to support those claims are her recollections and the recollections of her brothers that her mother and grandmother made such claims while they were children.
Claim #2: "[M]y parents had to elope."
Ms. Warren repeated this claim that Breitbart News debunked in June at the debate with Scott Brown last Thursday.

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